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…with Topinambur.

the other day we had a conversation. We had it before, about a billion times for sure, but than it was super acute – thanksgiving/left overs/ food waste. What to do? what is the solution? I don’t have one, but I am aware that I have to do my best to recycle and save sources where I can. So I dehydrate, I puree, I water, let’s say I experiment.

My path brought me to the organic store in my neighbour hood, veggies are expensive here, I know and I don’t mind, I want them to be as pure as possible as they will enter and nourish my organism plus this local buisness needs to be supported. Yes! So sometimes when I get there and I’m lucky they have a selection of not so super pretty products, means apples or carrots with wrinkles or soft sweet peppers (which actually have reached their zenith of vitamin content at that point!)


That particular morning I found something new, saw it before in the shop, but so far they did not really call my attention, had no idea who they were and what to do with them. Now they where here, sorted out and waiting to be taken home instead of being thrown away, I suppose many of my neighbours don’t know how to use my new favorite vegetable. Anyway i bought one of the boxes full of these ‘roots’? what are they? I had no time to search the web, and a friend coming over for lunch, so my instinct told me to simply boil them.

Here they are. Topinambur. We looked them up. And they taste AMAZING. a mix of potato (look/texture) carrot (flavor) nuts (flavor) and sorry about that fish (texture)


Foto: Lorenzo Melissari

People call them differently – Jerusalem artichoke, Sunchoke (as they belong to the family of sunflowers, Helianthus tuberosus, lat.) what seemed interesting was the diabetic potato, for it’s texture and it’s said that for it’s high content in fibers and low content in carbohydrates, can lower the blood sugar level. I will investigate on that one…

So far I have to delicious ways to prepare them, one path is in the dehydrator and will be serve as RAW chips on thursday in the #labcuina. If you are interested in new flavors come visit me in the lab, versions of topinambur my topic of the week!


and here is an interesting link to a TED talk you should see:

Pranakitchen @ the Labcuina – Thursday, 17.12 13-15.30 serving sattvic lunch

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08003 Barcelona

all organic – seasonal – local – vegan

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this RAW portobello burger is hitting the spot

Last wednesday we went to Vienna/Austria to talk about conscious nutriton aka *yoga on the plate* at a viennese vegan Supermarket (Maran Vegan) besides that super amazing workshop there were these mouthwatering eye catchers I could not resist to bring back hOMe and transform into some serious gourmet RAW food

so good, so easy, so fresh – have a look:


giant beautiful portobello heads, rubbed them with a mix of virgin olive oil and tamari sauce. If you have a dehyrator have them there for ybout 3hrs, i do have one but it stayed in Barcelona this time so I had them in the oven, lowest temperature until they were soft and filled the hood with an amazing smell.


once they came out from the oven, ready to be served i filled them with this creamy sunflowerseed spread I made while they baked – soak half a cup of sunflower seeds for about 4hrs, strain, and mix them with 2 spoons of nutritional yeast and one spoon of miso, add fresh jive and your favorite seasoning, this time I used oregano.

Spread it on both of your *burger patties* and fill them with sliced tomato, cucumber, carrots, sprouts and what ever you can think of that might make your version complete.

(I might have my next one with sour kraut!)


  • serving suggestion…..

GOOD LUCK and enjoy!!





Next Workshop: the art of Dehydration. BCN, 29-09-2015.

[Versión en castellano abajo]

the art of dehydrationAre you thinking about buying a dehydrator? Excalibur vs. Sedona?
Or do you already have one and do not really know what to do with it? do you want to learn how to recycle food, give it shelf life in a conscious way? do you want completely reinvent the use of seeds, pits and peels – no limits in dehydration land!

When: 29-09-2015

Time: 18H30- 20H30

Where: A poc a poc Barcelona

Investment: 40 € (ingredientes included)

Save your place by making a transference with your name as a concept to:
IBAN: ES41 2100 0681 DC 02 0029 5229

If you have any doubts please write to:

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More Green Juice please!



check this one out detoxers :
I’ll prep our juices with this machine, during our Chlorophyl Experience – NEW technology that keeps all the benefits so much longer alive than old school blenders. Up to 48hrs, imagine that – means if your veggies get juiced in the mornings the liquid will still be full of nutrients by the time you enjoy your last juice for dinner, nice eh? purify to realize your potential NOW and join The Chlorophyl Experience




Why sprouts are awesome:

They have an exceptional high concentration on enzymes, it’s said up to a hundred times more than uncooked vegetables or fruits. (enzymes are a special type of proteins we need for our bodies metabolism to function).


They are super easy to make and grow in your kitchen – they need some of your attention in the mornings and before you go to bed, you shower them and put a moist blanket on them, tell them how beautiful they are and leave them alone again, just kidding J I’m ok, but try it and you ll see how excited you get once they start to grow for you.



During the germination process starch gets transformed this makes them easy and quick to digest. How many people have digestive problems? We all should add sprouts to our nutrition. Sprouting icreases the levels of fibers, essential fatt acids and vitamins + they contain chlorophyl, another special protein, the easiest to digest – it goes straight to our red blood cells and is one of our greatest healers, liquid sunlight in green juice, remember? Sunshine makes us all smile and feel good right? So sprouts are natures solution for us on rainy days…Grains and legumes are generally creating acidity, what does not make them bed, eh! But sprouting lets them become alkalizing which makes them even better for us.



Do not over consume and keep everything very clean when hOMe sprouting.