Black Gold from the Green heart. yum.

Pumpkinseed oil is so incredibly delicious and healthy, I love to drown my green crispy salad with it every time I get back to Austria, I usually just add a little seasalt and thats it, perfect by nature. In the picture below my salad comes with a sour pink lady apple for extra crunch and vitamins.

I highly recommend this austrian oil, find out more here:

Austrias green heart we call the center part of the country, better known as Styria. The type of pumpkin with these usable seeds grows there. Once you tried it, you’ll know why we name it black gold.


Menu 16.05.2013

Menu 16.05.2013

Pranakitchen @ Lokapala, AT


what you need (for 2):

600g zucchini and carrotes
150g champignons
60g leek
10 tablespoons olive oil
10 tbs water
grated nuts
salt, pepper
start with the sauce:
dry clean the mushrooms. Then cut them into 2mm slices. Add the chopped leek and the dressing of olive oil, water, salt, pepper and half of the chopped parsley. Use your hands to mix the sauce and let it rest for at least 10 minutes.
Blend half of  the mushrooms and mix this sauce again with the mushroom slices.
how to do the „pasta“:
to slice the veggies as fine and long as linguini, I use a regular peeler. Slice the zucchini and carrotts from the outside to their heart, you will notice the inside of the zucchini is too soft to be sliced, so when you get to that point put it to the side, same with the carrot, at a certain point it gets difficult to keep sliceing, so put also the carrot to the side.
( you could add the zucchini hearts to a green smoothie and chopp the carrot hearts into little cubes to be used in a different salad or a milletburger – recipe coming up!)
right before serving mix the sauce with the pasta, again, use your hands to mix and to put your energy in! Sprinkle parsley and grated nuts on top to make it look even better. yay!


Guest Blogger: Afro Vegan Chick – Raw Crustless Beet & Avocado “Cheesecake”

Welcome back Janyce from Afro Vegan Chick! Janyce has contributed multiple times: Acorn Squash Stuffed With Maple Brown Rice And Green PeasWarm Brussel Sprouts Spinach Chickpea. Follow Janyce on Facebookblog and Twitter. Welcome back Janyce!

My first successful raw “cheesecake” was worth the hours of preparation.

I have been working on raw “cheesecake” for a while now and kept using Trader Joe’s Roasted Cashews. But after hours of soaking, they never quite captured smooth, desired consistency. Alas, I found their Raw Cashews and voila- achieved creaminess!

Yes, it takes me a moment to catch on, but I got it!

Beets and avocados seemed natural choice- all unorthodox and unique a pairing.

The cake originally did have a crust. It just didn’t hold together properly.

There’s no need to mourn loss. This yummy “cheesecake” definitely tastes wonderful- the avocado lime a perfect bottom of firmer…

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This is a traditional greek main dish, but tastes also delicious on the side of steamed vegetables. The amounts in the recipe are meant for 2 persons as a maindish or for 4 persons as a side dish.



what you need:

1kg fresh spinach

2 chopped onions

225ml tomatoesauce

500ml water

3 tablespoons fresh dill or 1 tbsp dried dill

1 tbsp fresh parsley

salt, peper

1 tbsp whole cumin

100g (brown) rice

olive oil

find a big pot and put it on the fire, first roast the whole cumin, than add olive oil, next step, add the onions and fry them until they look glaced. Add the rice and stir until all they rice looks oily and moist. Add water. Put a lid on the pot and turn the heat down. Now start washing the fresh spinach, if the leaves are really huge break them, otherwise leave them as they are, to keep the energy and the taste in until you start chewing them.

Taste the rice. When it is almost as soft as you like it add the tomatoesauce and start adding the spinach, stir carefully. Add more water if needed, the end result is not a soup though. Let your Spanakorizo rest for 5 minutes. Finally add the fresh herbs and sprikle fresh lemon juice on top before serving.


Spanakorizo is one of the reasons why I keep going back to greece. Btw if you don’t have spinach, use beetroot leaves, if you don’t have rice, use whole spelt.


Somer’s Oil-Free Banana Muffins

oh ja! voy a provar…

the dirty hippie & the bohemian girl

There are always a few leftover bananas around here. Those few that somehow don’t make it – you know what I mean. Well, Somer, our friend at Vedged Out knows just what to do with them. Her recipe for oil-free banana muffins is fast, simple and ridiculously good!

She developed the recipe to make her children a healthy after-school snack, and it turned into a family favorite. They don’t need oil because three bananas  keep the batter moist as it bakes. For us, we love to make mini-loaves of banana-muffin and travel with it. These are super on road trips, for breakfast or an any-time snack. On Vedged Out, Somer suggests different add-in’s to jazz up the muffins (though they’re wonderful as-is, too!). We’ve tried goji berries, chocolate chips and dried blueberries. The photo below shows goji berries.

Somer was kind enough to allow us to re-post her recipe

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let’s get started with the Recipe for Red Radiant Roots:

What was there before everything?

 –  OM, the sound, the beat, the beet!


what you need (for 2):

fresh, firm beetroots

fresh mint

1 orange

olive oil



Grate the beets ( to get the salad really juicy try to grate them as fine as possible) and add fresh chopped mint. Squeeze the orange and mix the juice with olive oil and a little bit of water. Season with sea salt if you like. Now inhale, close your eyes and start massaging your beetroot salad, then let it rest for a couple minutes before you serve and enjoy.