What a nice surprise

in my mailbox today….the British Vogue featuring us in their 2016 Wellbeing Directory of the jannuary issue – for a good reason, I’m telling you, we have differents retreats scheduled for you in the new year with Martina Fink – Beauty & Life Coach

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all about purity and lifestyle adjustments.
Let us assist you!

get in contact for detailed information


hello@beauty-retreats.com www.beauty-retreats.com

Build a wall and break it. Now!

About Karma Yoga….

did I ever tell you story? Years ago I was ready for a complete reset of life. So I asked for it and got it. I went to volunteer in a spiritual community and felt so wise and enlightened to be able to leave everything I created and achieved behind. Don’t remember what I actually expected but not that I would be doing mountains of laundry of strangers and weeding a abandoned back yard in the rain.

Day 1 diggin weeds. Boring.

Day 2 digging weeds. Hated it, had blisters on my hand.

Day 3, 4, 5 digging weeds because I had to.

Day 6 digging weeds. No digging weeds. The master would tell me the day after a guy from the village would come with his tractor.

I raised an eyebrow and understood. Thank you I said while looking at the clouds and I moved on to the kitchen, my new *job* in the community. I learned to cook for large groups, learned how to estimate and calculate amounts.`Might cultivate this skill for later, who knows` my subconscious told my ego, and all agreed to stay open and receptive.

Karma Yoga – selfless practice and the accepting of what comes. No judging or questioning. Following my Dharma is giving me a certain sensation of PEACE.

And here I am. With this project. Having people helping me, just because they want. At the end all makes sense. Karma yoga is my practice, will stick with this one!

Pics of the Karma team of yesterdays Green Drinks meeting.

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beeing a servant

I am no master I know nothing….but I am a servant and I no something – I am no master I know something

Sometimes I cook, sometimes I teach yoga, always I learn. Massive thanks to my yoga students for coming to the #labcuina to have lunch in our open kitchen. There is always an exchange, thank you for your interest and your questions, thank you for making me think and rethink, how would I move on without the interest of students.


Sweet potatoe crumble with baked veggies. The crumble was super easy to make, mixed oats with nutritional yeast, for the cheezy flavour, oregano and oil and peacans of course, you could also use walnuts or almonds without any doubt but me, in this case I was looking forward to the pecany crunch in particular. Up to you – as always. Don’t  believe in recipes, please.

BTW I’m listening to this right now:

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Fotos by Lorenzo Melissari

what you need for that ginger dessert, perfect on a december afternoon when you don’t have to leave the house and find time to sit still with a mug of tempered hOMemade vanilla almond milk.


  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • 3 tablespoons water
  • 1 cup unsweetened pumpkin puree
  • 1/3 cup coconut oil
  • 3 tablespoons pure maple syrup
  • 1/2 cup coconut sugar
  • 2 tablespoons grated ginger
  • 1 2/3 cups spelt flour
  • 1/2 tablespoon cinnamon
  • 1/2 tablespoon nutmeg
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon fine sea salt
  • 1/2 cup chopped walnuts 

preheat your oven to 180°, meanwhile mix all ingredients and fill the dough into a muffin tray or a cake form. Bake for 20mins (muffins) to 50mins (cake loaf) and let cool down for 15mins before enjoying the outcome with your friends. #PEACE




Cooking with friends 4 friends

It’s almost a year ago that I first heard about Apocapoc, a coworking space in the city center of Barcelona. They rent out their kitchen on a daily basis, not that I was searching for anything like that but quite a while ago I understood that one has to flow, and if the universe makes an opportunity drift with the stream one better takes a close look!

So I ran home and checked the website, sent a message to one of the responsible persons and met Valerie the following day. She showed me their kitchen, all there a food processor, a dehydrator, a roof top garden and compost. What is used here is all organic and locally grown, in the Labcuina we do our best to avoid garbage and recycle as much as we can. My middle name is *dehydrateseverything* I told her and the following week I started to prepare my prana food once a week at the Labcuina.

I go to the Lab to practice and elaborate new recipes, what I use makes sense to me, I actually always like what I make. It’s simple, grounded work once has incorporated certain basic ingredients to daily conscious cooking all get’s easy. Tamari or Miso might sound new, but if you do not have them yet on your shelf means just you did not hear about them yet!

I live here in Barcelona, been living and working all over Europe until now means friends come to stay and visit, different cultures, and all love to cook. Some say they are not good at it but still want to learn and come to chop veggies. Everyone is welcome here, cooking is for me THE way to hang out, one gets to chat, exchange, update and there is always something to learn.

Whenever I have a visitor in the Lab I create a menu for them, inspired by where they live or by where they have been the last month. Had a friend over from Israel, who stopped by on the way back to Switzerland from India….get it? We did humus, Chapati and RAW chocolate, the kitchen was filled with an amazing mixture of smells mixed by the spices he brought from India. Still fell the crunch of this organic spirulina chrunchies from Auroville.

Last week I had another friend visiting, we made Rösti, swiss speciality, never did it before but remembered the texture and flavor of it perfectly well from my snowboarding days in the swiss Alps. We made a vegan version and it turned out perfectly well! My swiss friend confirmed, although it needed 4 hands to flip the thing. (her mum does it alone, one handed…of course)

baked peppers from the garden, RAW sunflowerseed mayonaise and this heavenly dessert at the end. Ment to be another swiss autumn classic – friends mum gave us the tool, did not work for us, neither the internet could help us. The photographer had his cam ready so I reinvented the piece and out came something extremely pretty, by that time we already knew it would be delicious. Yes.

I love to recreate adjust refine and serve and surf #PEACE

Martina and friends cooking every thursday in the Labcuina @ Apcoapoc BCN and we are not a restaurant, we want to inspire and educate. Come have a seat, a plate and a chat!

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Fotos by Lorenzo Melissari

YOGA:IBIZA – Secrets to a happy life

Yogafluss & Pranakitchen, 22. – 28. April 2016


  • vertiefe deine Yogapraxis (Yin & Yang) in der wunderbar mediterranen Umgebung Ibizas
  • verstehe, wie du ganz einfach deine eigene Praxis (Bewegung, Atem, Meditation) aufbaust
  • lerne, dass Yoga nicht nur auf der Matte passiert – lasse dich inspirieren wie du dich voll entfalten kannst – pur & ehrlich!
  • lass den Frühling rein – geniesse die wunderbare Küche von Pranakitchen

Details folgen….

Leitung: Martina Wast, PranakitchenKatharina Bogner (Yoga)
Leistungen: 6 x belebende Morgenyogapraxis, 5 x YinYoga, Chanten oder Meditation, 1 x Privatlektion von 20 Min., täglich Brunch/Abendmenü, am Dienstag steht der ganze Tag nach dem Brunch zur freien Verfügung für Ausflüge und das Abendmenü entfällt, auf Wunsch kann dann ein Kochworkshop mit anschliessendem Nachtessen gebucht werden (45 Euro)

Anreise, Transport vor Ort, Versicherungen müssen selbst organisiert werden

Our Pranakitchen Experience by Sandy and Gina, vegan twins from Germany

When we were on our way to Cataluna we thought we would only stay for half a day in Barcelona and then move on to an ecological project in the Pyrenees to do our internship for university there.
As life is as unpredictable we received a message from our host in the mountains. We were on the bus from Germany to Spain already when we were asked to come a whole week later due to internal problems at the place.
First we were a shocked as we had already arranged our bus to the Pyrenees and had not calculated any accomodation costs in Barcelona as we did not expect any complications.
Thinking about possible ways to have an interesting time in this big city, we finally remembered Pranakitchen.
We had been following read Martina’s blog, and new she was currently based in Barcelona.
As we found ourselves in quite an urgent situation we simply wrote an email to Martina and actually didn’t expect her to have nor the capacity neither the time to host us. Far from it!
She was the only one who wrote back to us – nobody on e.g. couchsurfing did.
This made it possible for us to have an awesome week in Barcelona and learn about Martina’s delicious, healthy vegan kitchen. We even had the possibility to help her to prepare a big Pranakitchen event which was super inspiring and a lot of fun!
We cut vegetables together, baked cookies, had interesting conversations and also got to know another sweet helper of her who volunteered for a day.
Martina is an openhearted, very welcoming, dedicated and conscious power woman!
Thank you very much for this beautiful experience, Martina. We’re grateful to have met you and hope you will continue inspiring others.
Gina and Sandy, vegan twinsisters

meeting Lisi of Inthemoodforfood in the kitchen…..

Martina went to the city center to visit Lisi of inthemoodforfood.es to cook together – follow the link to read about Lisi’s Pranakitchen impression and the fun and educative time spent in the kitchen. Lisi is mom and foodblogger, based in beautiful Barcelona.

check out her stories and adventures:



(foto credit: Lisi Lurch)

3 days Autumn Yoga Retreat

This autumn, Nurture your Mind and Body with daily yoga, meditation and delicious food in an idilly mediterranean setting with Martina from Pranakitchen!


Retreat Highlights:
– 2 nights accommodation
– Full board (delicious, fresh, cleansing cuisine)
– Daily Yoga Classes
– Daily Meditation practices
– Vegan Cooking workshops
– 30 minutes individual wellness coaching session
– Access to all facilities in the premises to relax and enjoy
– Juice, Water and herbal infusions are at your disposal

After yoga and cooking workshops that will foster conversation about health in our daily lives, we will return to the last part of 2015 restored, refreshed, and inspired 🙂

– 325 Euros for the full retreat in shared accommodation
– Special offer: 295 Euros if you book before August 31st!

Need more information?
Contact pranakitchen@gmail.com 🙂

The venue: www.calpaucruset.com

Next Workshop: the art of Dehydration. BCN, 29-09-2015.

[Versión en castellano abajo]

the art of dehydrationAre you thinking about buying a dehydrator? Excalibur vs. Sedona?
Or do you already have one and do not really know what to do with it? do you want to learn how to recycle food, give it shelf life in a conscious way? do you want completely reinvent the use of seeds, pits and peels – no limits in dehydration land!

When: 29-09-2015

Time: 18H30- 20H30

Where: A poc a poc Barcelona

Investment: 40 € (ingredientes included)

Save your place by making a transference with your name as a concept to:
IBAN: ES41 2100 0681 DC 02 0029 5229

If you have any doubts please write to: martina.wastl@gmail.com

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