Happy 1st Bday cake

a big girl’s mum had this idea of a sugar free 1st birthday cake ….. she talked to me and I investigated – yesterday they celebrated completely guilt free their family life with a vegan cake by Pranakitchen – carrot loaf inspired by Oh She Glows – want a special birthday cake? order and pick it up at the ‪#‎labcuina‬


So I was baking that cake and one of the coworkers came to the kitchen to say *hello*. I know about his need for refined, processed sugar as he told me how he eats Oreo cookies (bunch wise) plus I see him tasting the sugarfree cookies I bake with organic high quality ingredientes. They do taste different, yes, I am very aware of that and that is right like this. cos what I use for sweetening turns out being a very subtle sweetness, which simply doesn’t reach the radar of numb tastebuds.

So I told him about my client and that she wanted that sugar free cake for her baby. He would say that at least the birthay cake should taste good (what ever taste good means….) A very common idea of making exeptions for special occasions, and those exceptions might cause a unhealthy relation to sugar later in life.

It can get really hard to stop eating it! Here’s why:  it’s not just a physiological addiction. If one is addicted to sugar, there’s also an emotional component. One is craving and overindulging in sugar for a reason – you may be eating sugar to care for your emotions, to numb pain, to manage stress, or to care for your emotional, psychological or relational needs. One might link the save happy feeling to that birthday happy sweet cake with loved ones around and create a fiction of that situation with a sugary substitute.

By healing the emotional component of  a sugar addiction will give you the ability to say no to sugar. This is a key point that those who focus on the physiological component of sugar addiction can miss.

Been there.

And I know a change is possible.



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