Cooking with friends 4 friends

It’s almost a year ago that I first heard about Apocapoc, a coworking space in the city center of Barcelona. They rent out their kitchen on a daily basis, not that I was searching for anything like that but quite a while ago I understood that one has to flow, and if the universe makes an opportunity drift with the stream one better takes a close look!

So I ran home and checked the website, sent a message to one of the responsible persons and met Valerie the following day. She showed me their kitchen, all there a food processor, a dehydrator, a roof top garden and compost. What is used here is all organic and locally grown, in the Labcuina we do our best to avoid garbage and recycle as much as we can. My middle name is *dehydrateseverything* I told her and the following week I started to prepare my prana food once a week at the Labcuina.

I go to the Lab to practice and elaborate new recipes, what I use makes sense to me, I actually always like what I make. It’s simple, grounded work once has incorporated certain basic ingredients to daily conscious cooking all get’s easy. Tamari or Miso might sound new, but if you do not have them yet on your shelf means just you did not hear about them yet!

I live here in Barcelona, been living and working all over Europe until now means friends come to stay and visit, different cultures, and all love to cook. Some say they are not good at it but still want to learn and come to chop veggies. Everyone is welcome here, cooking is for me THE way to hang out, one gets to chat, exchange, update and there is always something to learn.

Whenever I have a visitor in the Lab I create a menu for them, inspired by where they live or by where they have been the last month. Had a friend over from Israel, who stopped by on the way back to Switzerland from India….get it? We did humus, Chapati and RAW chocolate, the kitchen was filled with an amazing mixture of smells mixed by the spices he brought from India. Still fell the crunch of this organic spirulina chrunchies from Auroville.

Last week I had another friend visiting, we made Rösti, swiss speciality, never did it before but remembered the texture and flavor of it perfectly well from my snowboarding days in the swiss Alps. We made a vegan version and it turned out perfectly well! My swiss friend confirmed, although it needed 4 hands to flip the thing. (her mum does it alone, one handed…of course)

baked peppers from the garden, RAW sunflowerseed mayonaise and this heavenly dessert at the end. Ment to be another swiss autumn classic – friends mum gave us the tool, did not work for us, neither the internet could help us. The photographer had his cam ready so I reinvented the piece and out came something extremely pretty, by that time we already knew it would be delicious. Yes.

I love to recreate adjust refine and serve and surf #PEACE

Martina and friends cooking every thursday in the Labcuina @ Apcoapoc BCN and we are not a restaurant, we want to inspire and educate. Come have a seat, a plate and a chat!

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Fotos by Lorenzo Melissari

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