Sending Paris Love

heart love

PranaKitchen, as always, spreads love; in the form of food, smiles, meditation, yoga…to each his own path.

As the multitude of forces that shape this maya stir, we send our Paris fans and gourmet yogis support in continuing to connect to the immense and infinite force of the heart. Because it’s what humanity needs now.

And to remind us just how many positive vibrations pulse in the city of light, we are happy to share a PranaKitchen enthusiast’s account of the recent  Paris Vegan Day:

Veggie Pride 2015: a moving experience

Saturday 10 October, along with some colleagues Patricia, Christian and Philippe, I took to the streets of Paris to celebrate the 15thFrench Veggie Pride. It started with a “vegan place” with vegan food and animal protection associations, ranging from and Animal Liberation Front to vegan burgers and ecological vegan dolls. There is a man in a cage with his son – they are curious to know what it feels like to be a caged animal. Everyone is assembling, finding their friends, taking photos; the excitement before the march is palpable and rises as the microphone starts to announce messages. Then the parade assembles behind banners, waving placards, the samba percussion group strikes up, the megaphone starts to shout slogans and a band of human animals begins a long exhilarating demonstration, lending our voices to those who cannot speak out for themselves.

vegan prode

What I like best? Being part of a huge group of people (1300 participants this year) who believe that it is wrong to exploit animals, who are willing to go out and walk the streets to defend them and to show the world that people who don’t eat meat are a fun crowd. Seeing so many young people who have joined the vegan/vegetarian movement. Being with people of so many different cultures and religions brought together to defend the animal cause. A truly uplifting experience! The broken down parade car being pushed by some very strong veggie people. There’s no stopping us. Want to join us next year?




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