Amazing Raw Cheeze Cake

Last weekend Sofia and Martina went to Bern/Switzerland to serve and nourish hungry yogis with yummy prana food at the Bern Yoga Festival – by now we are back in our hOMe kitchens and overwhelmed by the swiss feedback in our mail boxes! massive thanks to the participants who opened their ears, hearts and notebooks during our cooking workshop, to all those who came and trustfully bought our food and last but not least to the organizers for having us there!!


Here comes the sunday lunch dessert recipe for you dear yogis of Berne that you liked so much – have fun preparing and sharing it for and with your loved ones PEACEPEACEPEACE



  • 2¼ cups (180g) finely shredded coconut, unsweetened
  • 1 tsp vanilla bean powder
  • 1½ cups (360g) medjool dates or raisings
  • Pinch salt



  • 1 cup (168g) cashews, grated
  • ¼ cup (80g) honey
  • 400ml coconut milk
  • ¼ tsp vanilla bean powder

pich of salt tsp salt, finely ground


how 2 do the crust

  • Put coconut, vanilla and salt into a food processor and pulse briefly to mix.
  • Add the pitted dates/raisins and process until they are finely chopped and the mixture starts to clump.
  • Press into glass casserole or tin and leave in the fridge to firm a little while you prepare the filling.

how 2 do the filling

  • Put all ingredients into a high-speed blender in the order listed.
  • Blend on low until combined, then blend on high until it reaches 42°C.

Pour filling into the crust and leave uncovered in the fridge to set for 4 hours or more.

easy as can be 😉

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(Fotos: Nadine Hobi und


meeting Lisi of Inthemoodforfood in the kitchen…..

Martina went to the city center to visit Lisi of to cook together – follow the link to read about Lisi’s Pranakitchen impression and the fun and educative time spent in the kitchen. Lisi is mom and foodblogger, based in beautiful Barcelona.

check out her stories and adventures:



(foto credit: Lisi Lurch)

This is what Karma Yogini Bianca, 24, from Graz/AT has to say about her experience in the Pranakitchen


Healthy eating, cooking, foods are things that have always been interesting to me. From a young age on I used to cook with my mom – she called me Kräuterlilli (austrian nickname for : Herb-Lilli) because I used to sit in my Grandma’s garden surrounded by herbs, tasting the full variety of herbs ( intinctally I knew they were good for me). I went to school and during 4 years I was thaught to prpare traditional austian dishes – cooking with recipies, gosh was I bored…. – after that I took a two year long break from cooking – and then i found my way back tot he kitchen, strated to experiment and slowly rediscovered the joy of cooking.


My path brought me now tot he Pranakitchen, here I am: volunteering at a yoga retreat, (I had no idea who I would meet here in the kitchen) we are supposed to cook for participants oft he retreat; cooking for up to 25 people…… initially I was a bit sceptical but I did not want to miss out on this experience (why I could not say at the time when I signed up!).

This decision was probably one of the best that I took in quite a while ☺ Pranakitchen is different! The feeling, the energy (prana), the attitude … it brings out the best from everything – from the ingredients and from ourselfes; one can feel that the food is prepared with love and resepect. All day long in the kitchen, all day long cooking and it was not annoying at all as I was used to from the cooking classes at school, not even once stressful J It was as if everything was going flowing in its natural way, without stress, without getting boring, simply interesting. I am eternally grateful that I was able to make this great experience and look forward to many more events with Pranakitchen.

Thank you for everything , dear Martina ☺

ॐ ☮<3

Meine Pranakitchen Experience

Gesunde Ernährung, kochen, Lebensmittel sind Dinge die mich schon immer interessiert haben. Von klein auf durfte ich mit meiner Mama in der Küche kochen – man nannte mich Kräuterlilli weil ich immer in Omas Kräutergarten gesessen bin und verschiedenste Kräuter gegessen habe (wusste damals schon was gut ist). In der Schule wurden dann die Kochbasics der traditionellen österreichischen Küche beigebracht, kochen nach Rezept à laaaaangweilig. Nach zwei Jahren Kochpause (mir wurde vier Jahre lang gezeigt wie langweilig kochen sein kann) hab ich dann wieder angefangen in der Küche zu experimentieren und langsam wieder Freude am Kochen gefunden.

Es kommt wie es kommen soll und nun bin ich als Volunteer bei einem Yoga Retreat gelandet, wo ich mit ein paar anderen (ich wusste ja noch nicht mit wem ich da in der Küche stehe) für die Teilnehmer kochen sollte; Kochen für bis zu 25 Personen. Anfangs ein bisschen skeptisch doch diese Erfahrung wollte ich einfach nicht missen (wieso konnte ich zu dem damaligen Zeitpunkt auch nicht sagen).
Diese Entscheidung war wohl eine der besten die ich seit langem getroffen habe J Pranakitchen ist anders. Das Feeling, die Energie (Prana), die Einstellung … man holt das Beste aus Lebensmitteln heraus und bereitet etwas daraus zu das einfach gut tut; man spürt dass die Lebensmitteln mit Liebe und Wertschätzung zubereitet werden. Wir waren den ganzen Tag in der Küche am Kochen und es war kein einziges Mal anstrengend oder in irgendeiner Weise lästig wie ich es sonst aus der Küche gewohnt war. Es war als würde sich alles nebenbei erledigen, ohne Stress, ohne Langeweile, einfach toll. Ich bin unendlich dankbar dass ich diese tolle Erfahrung machen durfte und freue mich auf viele weitere Events mit Pranakitchen.

Vielen Dank für Alles liebe Martina

ॐ ☮<3