Pranakitchen @ Barcelona Yoga Conference 2015

now this was a cool event – massive thanks to all those who made it possible for Pranakitchen to flow so well – all you karma yogis at the stand, thank you for being so awesome and reliable, thank you for spending your time with us and dedicating your weekend to this project, we thank thos in the background who help to organize the invisible details, the transporters, farmers and producers, thanks to siQuri for letting us juice freshest organic greens with the freshest food technology and finally thanks to THE HUNGRY YOGA CROWD who came by daily to benefit from our sattvic food!! thank you so much for recognizing the power of whole food ! this is why we were at this event and this is why we’ll keep doing what we do – although there is still queues for n*t”ll+ and f+nt+ we know we are on the right track and so are YOU – thank you for supporting the Pranakitchen Project PEACEPEACEPEACE


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