Pranafood para llevar *NUEVO*

we had ‪#‎greenjuce‬ for breakfast – prana lunch at the ‪#‎labcuina‬ and now brand new!! Pranakitchen offers the option to take hOMe ‪#‎vegan‬ ‪#‎organic‬‪#‎sattva‬ dinner – today: quinoa cucumber salad with lemon dressing, avocado & baked eggplant … thursday more PEACE

want to sign up? – 603429 318 or

menu will be online on monday.


Pranakitchen Spring Season 2015

as we say – we are not chefs – we are ACTIVISTS we share our spiritual practice by serving conscious food, we want to inspire and we want You to rethink.
bread is not breakfast – bread is a habit. by eating sattvic food you will be eager and brave to face those habits and go beyond them. why would you slow yourself down? REALIZE YOUR POTENTIAL NOW.
go pranafoooooooood!

please have a look at the beautiful pics of our last events:

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