7 days of PURITY – with Karin Wess

it’s not only the food it’s also about words and thoughts!!



let me give you an update – I’m currently on a 21 days challenge with an austrian power woman called Karin Wess.

I consider myself as a highly motivated and creative person, which is aaaamaaaazing 🙂 so what do I need Karins training for? To not get lost in the clouds, friends, it’s cool to get tools and coachings from professionals!

At any time, we never know everything and there will always be people who a specialists in their fields, so buddhists talk about THE BEGINNERS MIND….there is always something to learn, share and exchange. I’m getting emails from Karin every morning, so I wake up do what needs to be done and then, before actually starting into the day I check my inbox to see what Karins suggestion is for the day – today she brought up this one: 7 full days without complaining, though one or not, don t know yet!

I’m a humbled person, grateful and pretty balanced these days BUT, theres always a but 😉 during the last few weeks I struggled with spanish bureaucracy …. must confess I had the one and the other unproductive thought to say it with nice words. SO I STOPPED THAT NOW and simply made an appointment with the town council. Which gives me time and peace to write this post, share it, get visible and maybe feedback, maybe you sign up for Karins next online challenge, maybe your project starts to fly then…..and this post forms part of that as a first step, who knows?  Karma will know 😉


have a wonderful day!


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