Pranakitchen’s Spring 2015 Tour




we had a cosy prana picknick with a large variety of fresh spring food, well actually we said changings are often not hard cuts and in the beginnings not directly obvious – it was march 24th, the calendar said spring, but ingredients still mixed winter veggies like beet root (rolled up in bliss balls with coco straw topping) and pumpkin for example ( – in a lentil salad with dried tomato and updated with powerful SPRING sprouts). our light spinach pesto with bärlauch was definitely a seasonal treat, do you know bärlauch? tastes garlicy but is much milder on your digestive system even when consumed raw. Before we sat down Katharina picked up the spring topic for her Yang/Yin Yoga class, talked ybout energie that wakes up and moves sky wards, there were lots of twits in this sequence to help to wake up the digestive system by giving it a massage after a long winter with heavier foods.

PLUS here the very first edition of the Pranakitchen Recipe Collection got released, want one??

What a cool event, thanks Chur for welcoming Pranakitchen!

Btw way if you want to join Katharina and Martina at their City Retreat in Barcelona in may find here more information: CITY RETREAT BCN

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…and off I went to Zurich, one of my favorite cities, don t ask me why, even though it was raining I had a great time, went to spy and got inspired in one of Europe’s oldest vegetarian restaurants before sharing RAW food skills in a cool workshop with highly interested listeners who were eager to grate, chop and blend as you can see on the pics. *What about the scientific background?* – a classic question and i understand where it comes from, but isn’t it obvious that if all that stays natural and barely processed must be made by nature to nourish us well AND heal us….FOOD AS MEDICINE. if something needs to be tested and proved it already is suspicious.

Earth is taking care of us and we have to take better care of her! Let’s eh…….NOW

thanks for showing up Ladies and Gentlemen!! keep cookin’

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A bunch of Yoginis gathered to find out about vegan RAW food, all levels welcome – we never stop learning, there is always something to share and find out to exchange and change. Life moves, flows and that is PRANA. More questions and more ways to answer, more kale chips and an attempt to copy an Austrian classic – waffels of sprouted buckwheat with hazelnut cream….although it was not so pretty as the industrial original it was gone in the end, we’ll go back to the lab soon and work on the design.

With Christine Stiessel Martina will share more yogi knowledge in this Yoga Teacher Training, if you have thought about taking one this might be interesting for you – Part 1 of the training take s place in Spain, close to Barcelona at an amazing retreat place that allows you to really indulge into your yogic studies and for Part 2 we meet in Vienna city cos we have to be able to find silence everywhere, right? also in the urban jungle.

More Information here: YOGAWEGE

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