Why beet roots are awesome:

– and why todays’s green juice is red….



once upon a time …. only the greens of beets were used, until the romans started to also cultivate and use the red, sweet and earthy tasting roots – so why again do we throw the greens away today? More about that later…

The romans used beets as aphrodisiacs, which makes totally sense, as red roots it’s obvious that they vibrate with our lower chakras, ain’t it?

IMG_3497Beets are known and often recommended because of their iron content, which is good but not as high as in other vegetables, what is interesting about it though ist he fact that beet’s iron is easier for our organisms to assimilate. The higher iron content is in the greens!!


Talking about the leavy greens – I put them in my green juice today, it is delicious J the stems turned t deep red but still the chlorophyl oft he kale that went in was still in my jar, i also added parsley, lemon and a spoon of tamari to make it a savory version.


Other ways to add them to your daily menu is sauteed with coconut oil and served with slightly warmed cherry tomatos or finely chopped in any salad.

The roots have the highest sugar content of all vegetables. Try to use them in their whole form to sweeten your cakes! They are also known and valued for supporting the body in detoxification, particular pigments bind toxins so they can be execrated.

Beets boost bone strength and stimulate the production of antibodies and white blood cells – means they help our immune system. Can’t beat the beet!


I gotta go and radiate just finished my red green juice YAY!


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