Why sprouts are awesome:

They have an exceptional high concentration on enzymes, it’s said up to a hundred times more than uncooked vegetables or fruits. (enzymes are a special type of proteins we need for our bodies metabolism to function).


They are super easy to make and grow in your kitchen – they need some of your attention in the mornings and before you go to bed, you shower them and put a moist blanket on them, tell them how beautiful they are and leave them alone again, just kidding J I’m ok, but try it and you ll see how excited you get once they start to grow for you.



During the germination process starch gets transformed this makes them easy and quick to digest. How many people have digestive problems? We all should add sprouts to our nutrition. Sprouting icreases the levels of fibers, essential fatt acids and vitamins + they contain chlorophyl, another special protein, the easiest to digest – it goes straight to our red blood cells and is one of our greatest healers, liquid sunlight in green juice, remember? Sunshine makes us all smile and feel good right? So sprouts are natures solution for us on rainy days…Grains and legumes are generally creating acidity, what does not make them bed, eh! But sprouting lets them become alkalizing which makes them even better for us.



Do not over consume and keep everything very clean when hOMe sprouting.



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