Hemp seed milk



This recipe is super simple, quick and saves not only your organism from dealing with loads of trash, like preservatives, sugars and other unhealthy added stuff you do not want to find in your food but also our planet of a lot of packaging by not using tetra packs or plastic containers.


Have you ever looked at the ingredients in store bought vegetable milk? it should not have more than two – in this case a hand full of hemp seeds and this could be any other kind of seed, nuts, almonds or oats plus water, nothing else.


Soak your seeds over night and blend them in the morning with a cup of fresh water, strain the shells or the pulp – that’s how easy it is. Add less water and it will be creamier.


You can recycle the soaking water of seeds as it contains a lot of minerals but discard the soaking water of nuts and almonds and rinse them well the water contains an acid you don’t want to ingest


Add now if you wish a medjool date as a sweetener, cinnamon, vanilla or anise for extra flavor.


Hemp seeds have a perfect proportion of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids that are important for cells to rebuild. They are the most nutritious seeds on the market and there are no known allergies against hemp seeds. They help to regenerate of mechanical strains and radiation therapy, they are anti-inflammatory, boost your metabolism, regulate the blood sugar level and aid the healing of eczemas and psoriasis.


These seeds are full of proteins, essential fats and vitamins at the same time they contain almost no starch and sugar.


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