SAVE THE SEEDS! PK’s mirAVOlix recipe


what you need:

White sesame

Sea salt

Avocado seed










It’s easy to peel a fresh avocado seed, use a sharp knife to open the skin a little bit and see how easy it comes off. Grate the seed and let it dry out completely, depending on the outside temperature and humidity that might take a few days or use a dehydrator. Once the seed flakes are completely dry you can start to prepare your Gomasio, the idea of this seasoning is to use less salt plus to add extra nutrients to your meals. If you want your Gomasio in raw food quality work with small amounts, since you have to open the sesame seeds to get all their benefits they will rot if you don t use them within a few days. So either you mix the raw seeds with the rest oft he ingredients or you toast the sesame seeds without oil in a hot pan until the first seeds start to pop open. Once they start to jump remove them from the pan immediately otherwise these tiny powerhouses will burn, let them cool down and use a hand mixer to crush.


Why you should eat avocado seeds – these seeds of youthfulness are packed with nutrients that provide several health benefits to your organism.

Anti-inflammatory properties reduce bone and joint discomforts that will make you feel fresh plus it’s said that avocado oil increases collagen in the skin, so it looks wrinkle free, moist and young.


The seed of an avocado contains 70% of the antioxidants (chemicals that prevent or slow down cell damage) and soluble fibers of the fruit, anyways it contains more of both than most fruits and veggies on the market plus the seed boosts your immune system by preventing bacterial and viral diseases.

The high content of fibers helps to lower the cholesterol level in the blood by binding cholesterol in the intestinal tract and preventing absorption.


Need more facts to incorporate avocado seeds to your meals? – here you go:


  • They help to regulate the blood sugar level, stop us from snacking and as a result reduce body weight
  • They contain FLAVANOL an antioxidant that prevents tumor growth
  • They prevent cardiovascular diseases and strokes
  • They contain a lot of fibers this means they help with constipation and at the time with diarrhea and to prevent gastric ulcers by being anti-inflammatory


SAVE THE SEEDS – to receive all health benefits from this amazing super food!

check back in with Prana kitchen soon to read about black sesame which is awesome too!


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