RAW cracker delivery in Barcelona

hey Barcelona

– we made crackers for You!!


these are not only super delicious and nutritive because of their selected ingredients – no 🙂 they will make a start into a light and healthy 2015 much easier for you. High in proteins and pure fat, which the revitalized seeds provide are only two slices enough to feed you well in the mornings and keep your system happy until luch time. These crackers are perfect with guacamole, of course, because guacamole is always perfect!! and also yummy with a raw khaki/chia jam.

this season our crackers a balanced mix between savory and sweet. Red peppers and goji berries went in to upgrade these power squares + ayurvedic style herbs from Austria to boost what needs to be.

We deliver in the BCN area without any hesitation, all the way to your kitchen table or your office. Just place your order. 8 pieces/5€

Place your order now, ladies and gents. – treat yourself good and don’t forget to be awesome.


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