Shall we – surf into yoga??

Both yoga and surfing require dedication, body awareness, consistency, and surrender. They both cultivate a deeper connection to one’s essence and the elements. In fact, the way that yoga increases mental focus, calm, core strength, shoulder opening, deep breathing, and present moment awareness all make for safer and more efficient surfing, and surfing is a great way to apply the principles of yoga in a real-world application. It is only natural to combine these two powerful practices into one life-affirming experience.

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A Yoga/Surf Retreat provide an opportunity to explore the places where our physical/spiritual practices and the primal art of riding the wild ocean meet. It offers the relaxation options of other holistic retreats, with comfortable accommodations, delicious vegan Prana meals, nature expeditions, combined with plenty of guidance and time to connect deeply with the ocean ♥ The yoga classes taught during these days are offered by a true surfing enthusiast who tailor the classes to be particularly appropriate for surfers.

There are Yoga and Surfing Retreats for all levels of surfers and yogis, from newbie to advanced. Just be sure to pick one of the many retreats that suits your skill and experience level. Most retreats provide all the equipment you will need, though it is a good idea to confirm that before you book it.

If you are passionate about your spiritual practice and love the feeling of riding the ocean, a Yoga and Surfing Retreat might be the perfect gift for yourself. A travel adventure that combines those two activities may be just what you need to feel rejuvenated and even more excited about life.

Let’s go to Portugal!!

it’s time 🙂 in…….SEPTEMBER



Modulo 1, 17.-18.01 2015 en Yogaroom Barcelona



Inscipciones ya abiertas para el segundo módulo ENERGÍA de nuestro curso de profundización en el yoga. Aprende más sobre asana, pranayama, y la anatomía energética!

Más detalles sobre todo el curso/inscripción: Yogaroom Barcelona

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Colombian Cream of Avocado Soup – lightened up and vegan

food to glow

cream of avocado soup food to glowI love being introduced to new foods and recipes. Don’t you? Pouring over others’ food blogs, visiting markets in far-flung cities and countries, ordering the wackiest (within reason) thing on the menu. Love it.

Possibly my favourite food-related activity – other than eating the stuff – is looking at commonplace ingredients and trying to finesse something unique from them, or at least sufficiently different to add another dimension. For instance, I have previously welcomed the challenge of making lentils acceptable for breakfast (and this one too). Or just about acceptable!

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Red Velvet Raw Brownies

food to glow

raw red velvet brownies // food to glowRaw food seems a bit of a faff, doesn’t it? I mean, all that soaking, sprouting, chopping, dehydrating,…waiting. Not to mention a heck of a lot of shopping.

Don’t get me wrong, many of the raw recipes I see on Instagram, Pinterest and other blogs do look amazing. And, a quick eyeball of my occasionally filled in food diary would reveal that a goodly amount of what I eat is raw. You will see quite a few ‘accidentally raw’ recipes in my Index too. But I could never go the whole enchilada and forsake the comfort and ease of at least lightly cooked foods. Even for this raw enchilada, delicious as it sounds.

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Yoga, veganes Essen & Barcelona-Vibes

13. – 18. Mai 2015 (über Auffahrt)

Yogafluss & Pranakitchen

  • geniesse deine Yogapraxis in der vibrierenden Umgebung Barcelonas
  • vertiefe dein Wissen über vegetarische & vegane Ernährung mit Pranakitchen
  • lass dich von der kreativen Energie von Stadt, Meer & Bergen inspirieren


Wir ziehen uns für dieses Yogaretreat nicht in die Abgeschiedenheit zurück, sondern ins lebendige, pulsierende Barcelona – ein Ort der uns in unserer Asana-Praxis inspirieren wird und uns auf neue Geschmäcker und zu vegane Leckereien bringt. Katharina wird täglich in einem lokalen Yogastudio durch die Morgenyogapraxis führen und Martina von Pranakitchen vermittelt uns während Kochworkshops Tricks für die vegane Küche mit Herz. Sie lebt in Barcelona undhat das Projekt Pranakichen ins Leben gerufen. Martina wird uns mit Insider-Tipps versorgen, um die schönsten Ecken der Stadt zu entdecken. Wir planen auch im Park oder am Meer Yoga zu unterrichten und einen Tagesausflug zum wunderschönen Kloster Montserrat in die Berge zu unternehmen.



Leitung: Martina Wastl (Kochworkshops, Barcelona-Insiderin), Katharina Bogner (Yoga)

Preis: 653 Chf (bei Buchung bis 1. März), danach 683 Chf

Leistungen: 4 x Morgenyoga, 2 x Outdoor-Yoga am späten Nachmittag, 2 Kochworkshops, 1 x Pranakitchen-Mittagessen, 4 Übernachtungen im Doppelzimmer mit Frühstück, Tagesausflug zum Kloster Montserrat (exkl. Transport),  die Tage sind so ausgelegt, dass man mit Frühstück und 1 Mahlzeit versorgt wird (am So nur Frühstück), weitere Mahlzeiten sind nicht im Preis inbegriffen)

Übernachtung: Bed &  Breakfast,


Easter Yoga and Cooking retreat 2015

with Martina Wastl and Amelie Strecker

Join us for this 4 day Yoga and vegan food detox program.
The retreat will take place close to Girona (Barcelona) in Sant Bartomeu / Banyoles.

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During these 4 days Martina will offer 2 cooking sessions where we will prepare together our delicious, vegan lunch. You will learn about the amazing health benefits given by a balanced diet. We will talk about the benefits of single ingredients and how to combine them in a creative way. Seasonal and local ingredients will be used to prepare some simple but yummy dishes. When you get back home you’ll feel inspired with new skills to easily keep going with your cooking practice.

The retreat program also offers daily pre-dawn meditation and pranayama sessions, followed by a flowing and personalized Vinyasa practice taught by Amelie. During the day there will be plenty of time where you can enjoy the natural surroundings. In the evenings we will gather for a final personalised asana session and mantra class.

The retreat offers a well designed detox program, for mind and body, based on our many years of experience of holding retreats and working as therapists. There will also be a day of silence practice where participants can dive deep into a reflective and nurturing self inquiry state and recharge to the fullest.


early bird, till 5th of march :

370€ ( sharing triple bedroom )
385€ ( sharing double bedroom)
450€ ( individual bedroom)

if you sign up with another person you get extra discount of 50€

price after 5th of march:

390€ ( sharing triple bedroom )
415€ ( sharing double bedroom)
490€ ( individual bedroom)

example schedule:
05:30-7:00 meditation
07:00 tea fruit
07:30-09:30 asana class
09:30 breakfast
12:00-14.30 cooking course & lunch
17:00 evening yoga
19:00 dinner
22:00 silence