Vegan Tortilla de Patatas – no eggs more happy chicken :)

vegan tortilla de patatas

Hello everyone!

let me introduce myself, my name is RawBella (Isabella Beirer) I am Martina’s new side kick and together we manifest beautiful #PRANAKITCHEN. The other day, I had the first chance to put out some vegan love to the prankitchen world and beyond, and (I think you agree Martina) people seem to really like it. So here is the VEGAN TORTILLA de PATATAS receipe you have all been waiting for 🙂


3-4 middle size potatoes

1 onion (although this could be substituted by spinach)

5 – 8 tbs of chickpea flour

Olive Oil


Additional Ingredients (optional)

1/2 grated courgette or 1 diced tomato


Part I

Fry sliced potatos with onions (or spinach) until golden brown. You may now also add the grated courgette. (Personally I would add it sort of half way through, whereas the tomato maybe just a hint earlier). In a separate receptacle mix the chickpea flour with water until the consistency is somewhat more thick than beaten egg. Once potatoes (however you may have chosen to mix them) are ready please add them together with the flour and water mix. Stir very well 🙂

Part II

On a low flame put a soup spoon full of olive oil in a frying pan and then once he oil is heated, slowly add the mix. Carefully fry the mix. Make sure to move the pan from time to time so as to ensure that the mix doesn’t burn and get stuck. After some time (you will be able to see it by observing the edge, which to make it look prettier you make as the process goes along fold in and press into the middle) with the help of a plate turn the tortilla over. Once turned over fry it on the other side. Again, careful no to burn this babe! 🙂


Bon profit nois i noias! ❤


PS – You may let me know how you liked it and how it went just below 🙂 I would love to hear about your tortillitas experiences! LOVE & LIGHT & MUCH GRATITUDE

Vegan Tortilla

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