Grand opening!! Martis Vishuddha……just so you know**

I want to tell you what I did…..

I did not mean to lie to you, let’s say I just forgot to mention what I also took to my retreat besides thoughts of INDEPENDENCIA, the famous forgiveness and my brand new santosha….

The day before I left, it was last thursday, I stepped out of the house, turned to the right and found this on the floor:


I picked this card up and asked friends what they thought it could mean. I looked up the spiritual meaning of swords on the web and than I contemplated the information I found while sitting under a tree untill that sword pierced my buttock and I finally stood up! So now this is my story:

The sword stands for a sharp mind, ready to cut off what does not serve. The sword gets to the point because when it hits it’s definite and absolut. Peaceful Worriors have swords, yes they do. Swords are a symbols of strenght and of power. And power stands for action! The sword told me that I am ready to go NOW, my mind is clear and pure enough and I must share NOW.

OK then, enough of sitting around in the wild, I realized that I don’t serve anyone if I do not finally break the silence BIG TIME…….I went back hOMe to get paper and a pen.

*You are ready* the sword was telling me *you have got all the skills you need for now, what do you want to accumulate more of? Wisdom? Confidence? Security? Acknoledgement? This is what your ego is seeking for. Break the silence, this is not about you anymore, this is what you have to do as a servant.*

PKP workshops, talks and sharings all over Europe in the next 12 months, wanna join?

Catalunia, october: Permaculture Course with Active Earth in la Garroxta, Retiro de Yoga para profesores y alumnos avanzados en Girona con Amelie Strecker de Yogaroom/Barcelona

France, october: The Caravan of Consciousnes with TJ Jackson

Spain, november: Clase de RAW food @ Yogastudio Pamplona

Switzerland, november: Yoga & Kochen mit Yogafluss Chur, Katharina Bogner

Austria, november: Cookshow, Vortrag & Pranafood @ Yogaplanet Wien, Vegan Pranafood Workshop @ Yogaplace Salzburg

stay updated – details and daily inspiration HERE ♥


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