Working with the Heart.

Korbi Hort, School of Youth facilitator, sharing his experience of the course we did in august 2014 in La Garroxta, Catalunia. Pranakitchen was there to serve and LEARN. peacepeacepeace.

Active Earth Blog

On the last evening of our 10-day School of Youth programme for sustainability and human flourishing we all gathered around a beautifully decorated table in the middle of a field for a celebratory dinner. We were an international crowd of 18 people from 12 different nations around the world and between the ages of 15 to 38. The meal was joyous, interspersed with scary stories, favourite poems, lovely songs and interludes of the great-fun Scottish Ceilidh dances, wickedly guided by Jed. At one point, the night had already fallen, I felt the desire to create space to speak from the heart as part of the closing. Who ever wanted could take the speaking stone in the left hand, which is closest to the heart, and just see what comes up spontaneously. If no words come up, that is totally fine too. Then you just hold the stone as long as…

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