Grand opening!! Martis Vishuddha……just so you know**

I want to tell you what I did…..

I did not mean to lie to you, let’s say I just forgot to mention what I also took to my retreat besides thoughts of INDEPENDENCIA, the famous forgiveness and my brand new santosha….

The day before I left, it was last thursday, I stepped out of the house, turned to the right and found this on the floor:


I picked this card up and asked friends what they thought it could mean. I looked up the spiritual meaning of swords on the web and than I contemplated the information I found while sitting under a tree untill that sword pierced my buttock and I finally stood up! So now this is my story:

The sword stands for a sharp mind, ready to cut off what does not serve. The sword gets to the point because when it hits it’s definite and absolut. Peaceful Worriors have swords, yes they do. Swords are a symbols of strenght and of power. And power stands for action! The sword told me that I am ready to go NOW, my mind is clear and pure enough and I must share NOW.

OK then, enough of sitting around in the wild, I realized that I don’t serve anyone if I do not finally break the silence BIG TIME…….I went back hOMe to get paper and a pen.

*You are ready* the sword was telling me *you have got all the skills you need for now, what do you want to accumulate more of? Wisdom? Confidence? Security? Acknoledgement? This is what your ego is seeking for. Break the silence, this is not about you anymore, this is what you have to do as a servant.*

PKP workshops, talks and sharings all over Europe in the next 12 months, wanna join?

Catalunia, october: Permaculture Course with Active Earth in la Garroxta, Retiro de Yoga para profesores y alumnos avanzados en Girona con Amelie Strecker de Yogaroom/Barcelona

France, october: The Caravan of Consciousnes with TJ Jackson

Spain, november: Clase de RAW food @ Yogastudio Pamplona

Switzerland, november: Yoga & Kochen mit Yogafluss Chur, Katharina Bogner

Austria, november: Cookshow, Vortrag & Pranafood @ Yogaplanet Wien, Vegan Pranafood Workshop @ Yogaplace Salzburg

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Taller de profundizacion en Pranayama “The Magic of Prana” 25. september 2014




After an active summer full of anatomy studies and sharings I finally found back to my personal asana practice….and I noticed – I hate SHIRSASANA – how can that be, yogini?? I was asking myself, rushing out of the studio on day 3 of my city retreat. Full of anger.

Why? How? Transform it?? Just let it out and yell at a random person?

Honestly, I thought I was beyond that by now, dare me thinking like this…..clueless I consulted a yogi friend, Shahar, looking for some smart adivse. SANTOSHA, he said, Marti, you have to practice santosha!

He is so right, how could I only forgett!!

I was too much in my head, constantly aligning myself, seeking for physical perfection, behaving like an asanaholic and I got disappointed for not achieving what I had on my structural bonestackloving mind. SANTOSHA, right, contentment with what we are, with what we can, with what we have got. Physical alignment is important, absolutely, it allows prana to flow and circulate freely. AMEN to that – just let us not forget that it is also important to find peace in what ever situation we currently are. Nothing wrong with my wibblywabbly headstand as long as I manage to protect my cervical spine. PEACEPEACEPEACE. *There is enough suffering in the world* as my Dharma Bro Shahar says, *no need to suffer in the practice.* Meet my inspiring friend in Barcelona on sep. 25th. He’s coming for a visit and wants to share his practice with us!

Taller de profundizacion en Pranayama “The Magic of Prana”

1654199_10152093277729230_2071959197_n   993071_625798034105457_2028636259_n

Durante miles de años los yogis incursionaron en diversas tecnicas para comprender la forma de controlar las ondulaciones de la mente, abrir las chakras, influir en los mas de 72.000 yoga nadis (canales psiquicos, nervios).

En el taller ” The Magic of Prana” profundizaremos diversas tecnicas de pranayamas (ejercicios de control de la energia vital) basicos y avanzados, kriya yoga, el uso de las bandhas, mantra yoga, meditacion, tematicas de filosofia yogi, y asanas (posturas) y vinyasas que nos ayudaran a controlar la prana (energia vital) e influir en el sistema nervioso central y balancear los diversos sistemas del cuerpo.

Sobre el Profesor:

Shahar nacio en Argentina y desde el año 2000 se encuentra radicado en Israel. Tras años de practica fue certificado como profesor de yoga por el legendario maestro Yogi Sri Dharma Mittra. Durante años practica la meditacion y ha profundizado en la practica de diversos estilos de Hatha Raja Yoga: Yoga Clasico, Vinyasa, Dharma Yoga, Vijinana Yoga, Iyengar, Ashtanga Yoga, Jivamukti y Kundalini Yoga.

Shahar dirige el estudio B Kind Yoga, es yoga terapista, reflexologo y terapista holistico en la Clinica de medicina complemetaria de rehabilitacion en “Reuth Medical Center, Tel aviv”.

Viernes 25 de Septiembre 07:30 -10:00
Parque de la Ciutadella. 7€
Informes e inscripcion :Martina Wastl 603 429 218

2nd vegan ONLINE cook jam – THE SHOPPING LIST



Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get ready for our 2nd VEGAN online cook jam. Our 1st event was a full sucess, 5 people on 3 continets cooking literally *togehter*. Cooking with friends means to me sharing high quality time, beaucse we all want tob e noursihed good, and this is not only about following recipes, or eat out in fancy restaurants, the *secret/magic* ingredients to high quality food for me are a positive attitude and pure mind while cooking and to life @large. Cooking is fun, it’s relaxing, grounding and an essential treatment on the way to selflove. Yes, it is.

If you want to join us on sept. 10th at 19h you might have to download google+ hangouts first – so click HERE and get started. Once you did that email to so I can invite you to our hangout.


(I am aware of the red lines, my dear computer!! you never give up, eh?!)


at the end of your jam, what we have might look like this 😉
well, like the red one on the left….



Working with the Heart.

Korbi Hort, School of Youth facilitator, sharing his experience of the course we did in august 2014 in La Garroxta, Catalunia. Pranakitchen was there to serve and LEARN. peacepeacepeace.

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On the last evening of our 10-day School of Youth programme for sustainability and human flourishing we all gathered around a beautifully decorated table in the middle of a field for a celebratory dinner. We were an international crowd of 18 people from 12 different nations around the world and between the ages of 15 to 38. The meal was joyous, interspersed with scary stories, favourite poems, lovely songs and interludes of the great-fun Scottish Ceilidh dances, wickedly guided by Jed. At one point, the night had already fallen, I felt the desire to create space to speak from the heart as part of the closing. Who ever wanted could take the speaking stone in the left hand, which is closest to the heart, and just see what comes up spontaneously. If no words come up, that is totally fine too. Then you just hold the stone as long as…

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