End of summer detox

- with Serene

el program está también disponible en castellano.

und für’s herbstliche entgiften auf DEUTSCH.


Here comes a unique possibility for a personal retreat – you keep doing your job, you don’t have to travel anywhere, you follow your own rhythm…

no more excuses! … as Serene, a holistic Life Coach says.

She designed for you this 11 day program to detoxify your organism. Get your body ready to be strong and immune in fall, it’s coming, we all can feel it. Click HERE to read all about the ONLINE program, all you need is internet access. Seriously, you do not even need a kitchen BECAUSE Pranakitchen will be more than happy to serve the delicious dishes, followed by Serenes instructions to wherever you wish, your office, your home, you name it…..all over Barcelona is fine!

Interested? Great! Sign Up*


find Serene’s contact form HERE

for questions about caterings contact Martina – pranakitchen@gmx.com


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