Pranakitchen serving Conscious Gourmets @ Barcelona Yoga Conference 2014





WOW!! this was so much more than we expected  massive thanks to all volunteers who made this pranakitchen success possible – because of you, carrot graters, burrito wrappers, zucchini spiralizers, mate cookers, sunshiners, KARMA YOGINIS pranakitchen will move on with spreading the word of using **FOOD AS MEDICINE** many people saw us, heard us and connected with us! still – this is just the beginning  THANK YOU  for trusting in Pranakitchen and supporting by putting your hands in the salad or coming by up to 3 times a day to grab our pranafood, gosh, some people really like what we do  PEACEPEACEPEACE byc2

if you liked what we cooked you should totally shop at Casa Perris, no magic, eh, if we could do it you can do it – just make sure you buy good ingredients!!





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