1st vegan ONLINE cooking hangout



What great new tools we have in this world 🙂 It appears that I have friends all over the globe, some of them are really far away and we do not get to see us very often. I don’t want to say this is sad, because I feel totally responsible for the surrounding and life I’m creating, so I am happy and grateful for what I have! Appreciation to all developers out there for bringing up Google+ hangouts. We did a test run last night and cooked dinner, 5 people, 3 continents, 3 kitchens, 1 Pranakitchen menu ♥

hangout_snapshot_1 hangout_snapshot_5 hangout_snapshot_7 hangout_snapshot_9 hangout_snapshot_10 hangout_snapshot_13 hangout_snapshot_14 hangout_snapshot_16 hangout_snapshot_21 hangout_snapshot_23 hangout_snapshot_26 hangout_snapshot_29 hangout_snapshot_30 hangout_snapshot_33 hangout_snapshot_39 hangout_snapshot_41


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