1st vegan ONLINE cooking hangout



What great new tools we have in this world 🙂 It appears that I have friends all over the globe, some of them are really far away and we do not get to see us very often. I don’t want to say this is sad, because I feel totally responsible for the surrounding and life I’m creating, so I am happy and grateful for what I have! Appreciation to all developers out there for bringing up Google+ hangouts. We did a test run last night and cooked dinner, 5 people, 3 continents, 3 kitchens, 1 Pranakitchen menu ♥

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Dharma Yoga Retreat



I am deeply honored and super happy to form part of this event!!! If you are in the area and if you think this sounds interesting – don’t doubt, dear, SIGN UP! and be receptive

OM peace OM


Prana Food at the BYC

Morgan Palmer Hubbard, Co-Creator of Yogaroom Barcelona about Pranakitchen @ Barcelona Yoga Conference 2014

byc inspiration

Yoga culture extends far beyond the asana, breathwork and meditation practices that have exploded in popularity in recent years. Yogic awareness can be reflected and explored in many facets of human experience – social projects, music, art, and education, to name just a few.

And one thing every yoga practitioner knows is just how much our diet can affect how we feel and act. So it’s no surprise there’s huge interest in developing better awareness around what foods we can really feel support a yogic practice and lifestyle. And though of course it’s not the central focus of the conference, anyone who’s been knows the food there is a real treat!

This year we will see Martina Wastl bringing her Pranakitchen project to light up our tastebuds. Fast becoming well-known in the Barcelona yoga community for her delicious creations at workshops and retreats, she’ll be making fresh, vegan prana food for…

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Permaculture Camp near Girona



A classic 14-day PERMACULTURE DESIGN CERTIFICATE (PDC) with a 72 hours
curriculum, full of practical knowledge, hands-on experiences and design excercises in a place 
of great natural beauty. The PDC programme integrates with opportunities for yoga, 
mindfulness, Deep Ecology and outdoor adventures.

And by the time you get hungry Pranakitchen will be there for you!!