Chicos – weekend again  you know what that means!! we need something appropriate to come along with our 5 o’clock tea! today we had an austrian classic *Apfelstrudel*.  Classic in this case was only the name though! The pranakitchen version is of course vegan and made without adding any processed sugar.
250g spelt flour
10 spoons of cold water
4 spoons coconut oil
a pinch of seasalt
mix and let the dough rest for minimum 30minutes.
1,5kg grated apples
handful dates, soaked
half cup almonds, chopped
half cup almond flour
lemon juice
blend the dates with a handful of the grated apples and add lemon juice.
Mix carefully with the rest of the apples and add the chopped almonds.
Roll the dough, so its about 3mm thin, put the filling on top, and into the preheated oven it goes. 175° for about 40minutes
– keep checking!
no palmoil. no soy. great, eh!

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