Chicos – weekend again  you know what that means!! we need something appropriate to come along with our 5 o’clock tea! today we had an austrian classic *Apfelstrudel*.  Classic in this case was only the name though! The pranakitchen version is of course vegan and made without adding any processed sugar.
250g spelt flour
10 spoons of cold water
4 spoons coconut oil
a pinch of seasalt
mix and let the dough rest for minimum 30minutes.
1,5kg grated apples
handful dates, soaked
half cup almonds, chopped
half cup almond flour
lemon juice
blend the dates with a handful of the grated apples and add lemon juice.
Mix carefully with the rest of the apples and add the chopped almonds.
Roll the dough, so its about 3mm thin, put the filling on top, and into the preheated oven it goes. 175° for about 40minutes
– keep checking!
no palmoil. no soy. great, eh!

Schoggi Mousse with Granola Crunch


*grüngrüngrün ist alles was ich liebe, grüngrüngrün ist alles was ich mag, grün ist alles was ich liebe – weil mein schatz ein AVOCADO ist*   (german children’s rhyme)

I’m serious, one day I will marry an avocado. I want one everyday, I love him in all variations – sweet, salty, neutral…., he’s the perfect fruit; makes me feel goooood and my friends like him, too. WOW ♥


Yesterday he transformed with cacao & carob and melted over an apple/fig salad and for no particular reason I sprinkled crunchy homemade granola on top. You should try to make on, really! right now.


barcelona.made.NYC.style.*VEGANIZED*cheesecake. OMG


I remember walking miles through Zürich to my favorite vegetarian restaurant just to grab a piece of this amazing cheesecake they prepared there. It had this super moist, semisweet base that caught my attention! I never actually tried to make one myself, I did not feel ready too, I guess, until now 🙂 Last week I had a vision – suddenly I knew how to veganize the whole thing and make it even better! claro.

I baked a carrot cake for an event and I wanted the portions to look good so I cut the cake into round patties, there were a lot left overs, I could eat them for breakfast, I was thinking – OR let them get rock hard and use them as a cheesecake base, so far so good…..once the left overs where hard enough, I added freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and a handful of soaked dates, blended everything until I had a smooth, crumbly mass. If you go for it keep checking and add more liquid, if needed, make sure it is moist otherwise it will fall apart later. I pressed the mass into a spring form and put it aside.

For the filling I mixed avocados, lemon juice and a teaspoon of melted coconut oil, poured the filling on the base and put the cake into the fridge, the coconut oil makes the filling firm, add more if you want to be able to cut the cake, add less if you like the filling creamy.

CAVE: this is a dessert and it contains a lot of fat – it is delicious no doubt on that though 😉 so have a piece and share with your buddies.