YAY baba ganoush YAY

I love aubergines. And here you find one simple way to prepare them in a light and tasty way….Eggplants, aubergines, melanzane or berenjenas are real avatars, you can roast, grill, bake or stuff them. Please note that if you fry eggplants they will soak up a lot of oil what makes them harmful and heavy. I usally bake them for about 20 – 30 minutes at 200°, I take the skin off and mix the it with a gush of olive oil, garlic, a tablespoon tahini, sea salt, pepper and ground cumin. Done 🙂 let it cool down and serve with toasted spelt bread, as you  can see on the picture:

Baba Ganoush

Eggplants are like tomatoes and potatoes nightshade plants and are on season from about august to october, this is when they are best, obviously….

why they are soooooo good for us:

* low in calories

* for centuries they are known to manage diabetes – high in fibre and low in soluble carbohydrates

* with their high fibre content they protect digestive tracts – what prevents colon cancer!

* they help to prevent blood clots – thanks to vitamin K


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