*Christmas con Gracia*

To celebrate the holidays I was invited to a Christmas dinner on the 25th with “orphan friends” staying in Barcelona far from their families. This gathering was meant to share a good time with music, hugs, kisses, love, turron and more!

So whats the more about??
Our lovely hosts asked us to bring along a traditional christmas dish from our family resp. our country. Which turned out being an interesting and inspiring culinary trip around the xmas globe, since we had delis on the buffet from catalunya, greece, latvia, england, germany, africa, bulgaria WOW thinking the effort and attention we shared in putting our energy in the food gives me goose bumps, right here right now. THANKS FRIENDS***

There was this little challenge our hosts out, most of the guests would be vegans or vegetarians, so we had to get creative and step into the kitchen lab. First dish that came to my mind was “Schinken Rolle”. I saw myself sitting in my parents living room, next to a huge decorated tree, it was in the 80ies and I was really nervous about my presents, not hungry at all, but sitting in front of these ham wraps ( what would be the translation of Schinken Rolle….) not vegan at all – but I had to do it, it was my christmas dish and to honor my grandma I did it! I veganized the mayonnaise loaded meat burrito and made it light and nourishing AND so yummy.

The ham I replaced with enzymatic RAW bread, instructions to this you’ll find in older posts.

I boiled potatoes, carrots, green peas and mixes them with roasted onions and pickles. Added seasoning – black gomasio!! to add some extra power and calcium*

Now comes the magic. I had to elaborate mayonnaise. I’m not a big fan of tofu, but in this case I wanted to use it, I alwas make sure that is good quality, i buy it with Demeter label and trust….the tofu i mixed with mustard, olive oil, salt, levadura de cerveza/ Hefeflocken, chickpea flour and water, to regulate the consistency. For my filling I wanted the sauce to be quite liquid, so it would moisture the potato-veggie mixture. I mixed everythin carefully to not smash the ingredients.

To use the sauce as a dip on the side, or to enjoy it as a spread to might want it thicker….

It’s a game. Stay curious and keep exploring 🙂


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