Pranakitchen presents: the world’s thinnest APPLE STRUDEL

In the Pranakitchen we are getting ready for the wellness and lifestyle expo in Wels/ Upper Austria. 

Next to our yummy *en vogue* RAW burritos we want to serve something traditional as well and in my vision I saw this RAW vegan apple strudel. Sweet and sour, crunchy and creamy, all at once….THE dessert. OMG. There are vegan recipes out there but where’s the raw one??

This is what we created: The *APPLE FRUIT LEATHER*

IMG_1208      IMG_1211

Can you see the sunlight shining through it? One has to be able to read the newspaper under a strudel dough my grandma used to say. There you go, Oma, we did it!!!

Fruitleathers are not really new. In medieval times dehydration was the way to preserve fruits and vegatables and made vitamis accessible during long and meager winter months. Today we have special ovens to dehydrate in the early days wind and dry heat were used to process.

To do your own fruit leather all you need is about 750g of mature fruit, 2 tablespoons of soaked Chiaseeds and 200ml fresh water, mix all together and spread on 4 trays of the dehydrator. Dry for 6-8 hrs at 42° and store in a dry place, if you don’t finish them right away they’ll stay fresh for long time, if you want to add nuts be aware those shorten the durance of you fruit leather freshness, because nuts get moldy faster.

Fruitleathers are great healthy snacks on a lightweight travel or hiking supply.

100% free from everything you do not want to find in your food!!!!

Ok, I have to go now and work on the filling. If you want to get your piece of Pranakitchen?s veganized Applestrudel visit us at the Lokapala stand at the expo in Wels.


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