Absolut super leckerer veganer K├╝rbiskuchen!

I’m going to try this right now! Happy Halloween everyone ­čÖé I’ll let you know how Michelas pumpkin cake turned out! PEACE.

Aber bitte mit Sojamilch!

Und soja-, gluten- und fettfrei ist er auch bzw. kann er gemacht werden ­čÖé

Daf├╝r waren die Kichererbsen bestimmt, die ich k├╝rzlich eingekauft habe.

Veganer K├╝rbiskuchen (gluten-, soja-, fett- und nussfrei, sowie zuckerreduziert)

Zubereitungszeit: 10 Minuten plus ca. 35-40 Minuten Backzeit

Schwierigkeitsgrad: einfach

Zutaten f├╝r 6 Personen:

Zuvor noch eine Anmerkung. Ich wurde gefragt, welche Tassengr├Â├če ich benutzte und ich habe nachgemessen. In meine Standard-Back-Tasse passen 250ml Fl├╝ssigkeit.

  • 2 Tassen Haferflocken (wenn n├Âtig, glutenfreie. Die Marke, die ich benutze, ist glutenfrei) oder alternativ jeweils 1 Tasse Haferflocken und Mehl
  • 300g K├╝rbisp├╝ree
  • 1 Dose Kichererbsen
  • 150ml Orangensaft
  • 1/4 Tasse Rohrohrzucker oder anderes S├╝├čungsmittel (wenn man Agavendicksaft nimmt, dann mehr Haferflocken verwenden)
  • 1/2 Tasse Apfelmus (am Besten ist unges├╝├čtes)
  • 1 Vanilleschote oder 1-2 TL Vanilleextrakt
  • 2 TL Pumpkin Pie Gew├╝rz oder weihnachtliche Gew├╝rzmischung oder eine Mischung aus Zimt, Nelken, Cardamom, Ingwer und Muskat oder einfach das Gew├╝rz, das man besonders gerne mag!

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Basic is Best – Pasta Mar y Monte

IÔÇÖm here at my personal mountain retreat, feeling privileged and deeply thankful fort he possibility to experience this place and fully indulge into nature. What this means in particular at this period of my life is to contemplate, heal the past and find peace.

When it comes to food, which is as you know the main topic of this blog, the place at this time oft he year does not offer a whole lot of variety, especially since we are just starting to prepare the area fort he next summer season.

So what I find when I step out of my little house is mainly rosemary and thyme. The two of them are great and healed my greek cold right after I got here. They just donÔÇÖt fill my hungry belly after long days whith lots of gardening.

How do I serve all my nutritional needs?? Space and transport are limited…

Today I spoiled myself with an delicious steaming plate of kamut past with (fresh) tomatoes and dehydrated seaweed (mar) seasoned with my favorite herbal friends of┬á┬á┬á┬á the season thymeÔÇÖnÔÇÖrosemary (monte).

Algae are high in calcium, iron and are known as a callagen source. Keep that in mind: HIGH IN IRON!!!!!!

Honestly, I had to get used to their taste and smell, when I first tried them I was hinking of my wetsuit, which did not dry out for 3 months during winter….but I had on my mind how extremly good they are for me and we got friends! This is how our organisms work, if we keep trying and donÔÇÖt give up we get used and eventually start to actaully like things we did not recognize as what they really are at the first moment.

Algae you can find at the health store, and you donÔÇÖt have to get the fancy japanese one, look out for the spanish lechuga de mar. Check labels!

I presoaked the algae. Boiled the pasta al dente. Chopped tomatos and garlic. After drainig the water I added the tomato, garlic and algae, put the lid on the pot and let flavours melt togheter. I spiced it up and at the very end I added olive oil.

On the picture you see a piece of paximali, just to remember Greece ­čÖé


Bon profit!