Food becomes mind – Yoga on the plate

Friday night Juliette, vegan activist, asana lover and studio owner gathered interested listeners at her beautiful studio Yoga con Gracia in Gracia/Barcelona to start with a series of satsangs, (sharings of skills and knowledge, kirtan, etc.) this one was about AHIMSA – non violence. Juliette shared her personal path to veganism and her way to look at the topic. Yoga on the plate, as she called the conscious consumption of food is as important as what we do on a mat, as a physical workout….

Pranakitchen was invited to bring along some RAW food and say some words….and this is one of the topics that is important to me/PKP:

There are 3 gunas to be found in nautre, they are associated with various qualities and can be used to decribe any object, human or thing. Since we talking here about yoga on the plate lets take a look at the gunas according to food.

(The problem is that )Everybody has their own idea about what kind of food is healthy, there is so many different theories and experts out there, that the only way to find out what the right diet is, is to purify the mind and recognize…a sattvic diet will support!

Many people are slowly killing themselfes with their diet, they shorten their lifes and accept that they are sick for years before they die – all this suffering and medication for little tiny moments of physical pleasure while tasting certain flavours. Sad enough! When I share my experience I also notice a constant fear of the unknown potential one might discover by updating old believes and patterns.

We shall try to keep the balance between the gunas and try to work towards a sattvic (pure) lifestyle. It is all about finding equilibrium which leads to peace in the mind and true love. A sattvic lifestyle makes meditation easier, it will become all natural.

A sattvic diet is completely vegatarian, free of any animal or chemical elements. It is fresh, all natural enzymes are intact, raw or moderately slow cooked, easy to digest, gives straight to the body & clarity to the mind.




Rajasic energy we need to be for able to live in a modern world with a lots of movements and changes….we need to get up in the mornings, go to work, pay food/home/family, deal and interact with other humans etc. too much of this rajasic energy will kick us out of balance though. This might happen by overstimulating the body not only with food but also with physical pleasures like sport, sex or work.

The mind will become restless, overactive and will be desperately asking and seeking for more. Rajas is addictive and is the hardest quality to let go of.



Certainly, minimising tamas shall be the goal for spiritual development and a healthy organism. A mostly tamasic lifestyle harms the immune system, brings numbness and ingnorance into the mind, fills it with doubt and emotions like anger and greed.

It makes one slow and lethargic.

An adequate amount of tamas will us let find sleep though at night. Especially for people who work physically it is important to put the body to rest and recharge.

One can interpret these theories in different ways, but if you decide to go  vegetarian you are doing pretty well! Congratulation. If you want to indulge  into your spiritual practice do it with all effort, let finding the truth (L*VE) be your only goal. The key is usually doing it without any exeptions!

To keep on walking this path it helps to find likeminded people, create a shanga to exchange, share thoughts, doubst and struggles.


and this is under the top 3 on my reading list 😉



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