@ Espai guay, äh, perdon, Espai Anahata

You guys know who much I enjoy being right next to the sea, „not leaving this place!“ are the words I used to confirm my stay close to the beach. This last weekend it happend that to friends insisted on my company for a trip to their mountain hut. „Ok“ I said and found myself on the train tot he catalunyan inland. 60km away from Barcelona we spent 2 days at Montserrat.


Visited I giant monastery there, run by Christian monks, I didn’t get to see them but for sure we visited the spot what brings all the tourists and guiris there. The worlds heart center. There is this open space, kind of a plaza in midst of the monastery, a dark green circle of stone, surrounded by a mosaik of more stones, shaping sealife…this is the worlds center, hmmmm, if they say so…..hundreds of tourists were waiting to hop on the green stone to take a picture.

IMG_0827      IMG_0822


To be honest, it was not what I expected, my friends told me about the worlds Anahata, which we would visit, but in my romantic phantasy it was a secret!! spot, where three of us would sit down and meditate…


We left.

A 15min drive brought us tot he house. Wow. Entering this place was breathtaking. So much silence and peace, this was the place I was looking for since about 6 month. Finally found it. There is no words to describe the magic of this spot, words could never meet it.

You better check it out by yourself and connect with whatever is twinckling in the air at Montserrat.


After our hike we were hungry, time to cook, olé! What I got to see now was one real Pranakitchen. I first thought they want to surpirse me with the recieve of my favorite austrain radiostation and we would have to lift this gigantig satelit on the rooftop.

IMG_0832       IMG_0842

No. This was the kitchen. A half bowl of metal, we placed to face the direct sunlight, which would be reflected by the metallic surface and projected on the dish where our veggies were. Pranakitchen. We heated our food with sunlight, yummy, slow and smooth, it took long and everything tasted fresh and alive, in a sense of vitamins & Co all there, since we didn’t heat the food to boiling. Delicious! And highly recommemded.


There is so much more stories about the Espai Guay, er, Espai Anahata. So please stay tuned and save a weekend during summer 2014.






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