saLAM – grounding salt


-has several meaings.

salam means PEACE. In arabic.

saLAM is a wordgame, a construction oft he word sal, spanish for salt and LAM, the seed mantra of the first chakra.


And here weg et tot he point, saLAM is meant and created to support exactly this one. Muladhara Chakra.

Also known as the Root Chakra.

saLAM’s reddish color comes from dehydrated organic beetroots. By sprinkeling saLAM over your food you give it an extra grounding quality. It tastes well with potatoes, pumpkins and all veggies that grow close tot he ground.

saLAM’s base is unrefined seasalt, I roasted sesameseeds to add them along with thyme, almonds and beets to make it look, taste and support perfectly well.



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