@ Espai guay, äh, perdon, Espai Anahata

You guys know who much I enjoy being right next to the sea, „not leaving this place!“ are the words I used to confirm my stay close to the beach. This last weekend it happend that to friends insisted on my company for a trip to their mountain hut. „Ok“ I said and found myself on the train tot he catalunyan inland. 60km away from Barcelona we spent 2 days at Montserrat.


Visited I giant monastery there, run by Christian monks, I didn’t get to see them but for sure we visited the spot what brings all the tourists and guiris there. The worlds heart center. There is this open space, kind of a plaza in midst of the monastery, a dark green circle of stone, surrounded by a mosaik of more stones, shaping sealife…this is the worlds center, hmmmm, if they say so…..hundreds of tourists were waiting to hop on the green stone to take a picture.

IMG_0827      IMG_0822


To be honest, it was not what I expected, my friends told me about the worlds Anahata, which we would visit, but in my romantic phantasy it was a secret!! spot, where three of us would sit down and meditate…


We left.

A 15min drive brought us tot he house. Wow. Entering this place was breathtaking. So much silence and peace, this was the place I was looking for since about 6 month. Finally found it. There is no words to describe the magic of this spot, words could never meet it.

You better check it out by yourself and connect with whatever is twinckling in the air at Montserrat.


After our hike we were hungry, time to cook, olé! What I got to see now was one real Pranakitchen. I first thought they want to surpirse me with the recieve of my favorite austrain radiostation and we would have to lift this gigantig satelit on the rooftop.

IMG_0832       IMG_0842

No. This was the kitchen. A half bowl of metal, we placed to face the direct sunlight, which would be reflected by the metallic surface and projected on the dish where our veggies were. Pranakitchen. We heated our food with sunlight, yummy, slow and smooth, it took long and everything tasted fresh and alive, in a sense of vitamins & Co all there, since we didn’t heat the food to boiling. Delicious! And highly recommemded.


There is so much more stories about the Espai Guay, er, Espai Anahata. So please stay tuned and save a weekend during summer 2014.









  • ·      5 nights in singleroom
  • ·      organic breakfastbuffet, afternoon snacks, vegan 3 course dinner
  • ·      1 x massage, 50min
  • ·      6 x yoga lessons

980 CHF


Registration and contact:


Hotel Steinbock

Open since December 2012. The hotel is located in walking distance to the peaceful center of Vals.

The hotel is built almost entirely of wood, stone and glass. In order to ensure a short building phase, and thus cause as little disturbance as possible to the special atmosphere of this location, the building was preconstructed and built to sustainable standards.

Great importance is laid on sustainability, such as the kitchen using

mainly regional produce, to support small, local businesses. With these top quality ingredients the cooks prepare healthy, delicous specialities for the guests of Hotel Steinbock.



Daily schedule


6.30 – 7a.m. Meditation

7.15 – 8.45a.m. Yoga


from 10a.m. organic, vegan breakfast with a good selection of delicacies and assorted tea.


from 4p.m. your time for yourself. Bring a book, something to write, bring your knitting gear – Hotel Steinbock guarantees a peaceful, calm atmosphere to enjoy the simple things in life.

Nature around Vals is imposing and of course offers a broad variety of outdoor activities. You can rent mountainbikes in the village and don’t forget your trekking boots and nordic walking sticks. We will be happy to tell you about the many special, magical places in the valley.


4.30p.m. – 7p.m. Workshop

(Conscious touching I&II.  Conscious moving. Conscious enjoying.)


7.30p.m. Dinner




This yoga week should inspire us to develop a more conscious lifestyle, allow us to experience a sense of community and unity, enabling us to recognise what is really important for us, and help us to learn to heal ourselves by connecting with our own potential.

Beginners as well as experienced practioners are welcome .







Elements of classic massage meet the subtle contact of Craniosacral Method and passive stretches of Thai Massage. Giving and receiving, „treating“ and learning how to touch with unconditional loving, with respect and compassion.


2.     CONSCIOUS MOVING: we start with a walking meditation. Start to bring an automatic movement up to the surface of our mind. We will look at the foundations and alignment of several yoga positions, to practice a liquid flow through asanas.


3.     CONSCIOUS ENJOYING: we taste, we smell, we try. Combine familar ingredients in a creative,new way. Together we prepare dinner, you will get background information on vegan nutrition, we will talk about possibilities to substitue and will share recipies.



By the practice of asanas, as yoga positions are called, we try to get back in touch with the divine unity between matter and prana.


Martina believes a conscious mindful practice, whether active or passive, can set free subtle energy in the body, and bring it into it’s free, original liquid flow.


In her lessons she shares her own experiences, on and off the mat, in an authentic, open way. Inspired by daily, urban life and her travels, she wants to encourage you to test and extend your own borders and explore this supreme power which we all have in us, which makes us feel alive.


During the week of workshops Martina will show you the tools needed to put this into daily use. Practice being mindful in the yoga sessions and learn to trust your natural intuition.



The basis for good health and the key to holistic wellbeing is our nutrition. During this yoga week we focus on consuming seasonal, regional, fresh products. We will stay away from processed goods and instead enjoy delicous, vegan dishes, prepared with love and passion. See this as a chance, don’t think of it as giving up soemthing, use this week to detox your organism, revitalize yourself and get inspired in the conscious enjoying workshop. See how easy it is to transfer this philosopy, these ideas and recipes to your home cuisine.



The treatments by Angelina Schmid will be adapted to your very personal needs. She is looking forward to make you feel  enjoyably relaxed.




saLAM – grounding salt


-has several meaings.

salam means PEACE. In arabic.

saLAM is a wordgame, a construction oft he word sal, spanish for salt and LAM, the seed mantra of the first chakra.


And here weg et tot he point, saLAM is meant and created to support exactly this one. Muladhara Chakra.

Also known as the Root Chakra.

saLAM’s reddish color comes from dehydrated organic beetroots. By sprinkeling saLAM over your food you give it an extra grounding quality. It tastes well with potatoes, pumpkins and all veggies that grow close tot he ground.

saLAM’s base is unrefined seasalt, I roasted sesameseeds to add them along with thyme, almonds and beets to make it look, taste and support perfectly well.


Back2Basic Beetroot cake

Beets again?? yes!!
can’t get enough of them…and they are soooo good for us! This time with a little crunchy cacao upgrade! This time I gave the mass the shape of a cake, instead of forming little balls, before putting it in the fridge I mixed 3 teaspoons of raw cacao with 3 tsp of coconut oil, stired this well till completely smooth and then I poored it over the cake. Coconutoil gets hard really fast when set on the fridge, you might want to give it a second layer to make the cake fancier or decorate with shredded coconut as I did on the picture. Enjoy!



Beetroots, for me, are playing in the same league as avocados and bananas – perfect by nature and actuall not in need for any further processing before being eaten. I love my beets fine grated, that’s it, maybe a drop of extra vergine olive oil and a bit of gomasio…

I realize though when I start talking about my love for beetroots to friends and interested listeners they start to shake heads or make funny faces. Many people are scared of beetroots

….childhood memories – is what the common excuse, which I understand. When cooked they loose their crunch and their fresh juice, beets are naturally sweet but mostly eaten on the side of maindishes, weird comination…

So raw beets for salad! YES!



Here comes the recipe for my favorite brand new, refreshing summer dessert:

(can also be eaten in winter…

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RAW food delivery in BCN


now look at these colors:


this is what I produced this morning in the prana kitchen to deliver it straight to beautiful Barcelona! Do you feel anything else but happiness when you look at this picture? And the fascinating news is you can eat up this happiness, take it into your physical body, all the way to tiniest cell of your system and let it benefit of natures simple perfection!

I wraped this goodness up for you and will be more than happy to provide you a healthy, fresh lunch and bring it all the way to your office, your home, your favorite yoga studio.

These Pumpkin Wraps will make you feel sooooo good, accomplished by a Green Juice with a pinch of Spirulina they make a perfect couple to guaranty a balanced afternoon!

Call 603 429 318 if you want to free your potential.

for only 9 € you get 3 happy belly wraps and 250ml green juice!