A scoopable fundament

I was too late for breakfast (granola) and too early for lunch (green juice) when I came back home after my morning sadhana, very hungry though and so I had to make up my mind, what would fill my stomach now…..I opened the fridge and saw greens all over the place. Smoothie, OK.

I blended spinach with a small banana, a slice of avocado, a hand full of peppermint leaves and water. The taste turned out pretty neutral and suave, texture was light and creamy. I poured this grass green juice into a scarlett red bowl and for a moment just looked at it. This was on of the yummiest looking plates of food I ever had 🙂 I was amazed by it simple, natural beauty, and it derserved a little tiny decoration – i sprinkled some granola onto my soup and started to enjoy with a big smile on my face!


Did you know that red, green and yellow guaranty happiness? Certainly they do, proved by me! These colors are pure and natural; all we need and somehow reminding us of being outdoors doing things we love.

You might ask yourself now “where’s the yellow in this picture?” I’m telling you: yellow sunlight is contained in the green soup, it’s full of power, fibers, vitamins and enzymes – so good for you**



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