Valengized Aubergine Caviar

thanks Val *


It was a hot, mediterranean summer night, as we came back from the Barcelona Yoga Conference late, our dinner had to be ready quickly, pure and nourishing.

What we found in the fridge was a baked eggplant, which turned into the leading ingredient of our tasty after practice treat.

What else? Keep reading 😉

1 medium size eggplant

toasted bread slices (ideally your homemade spelt bread with sundried tomatoes, to underline the med. style)

1 piece of garlic

olive oil

soaked sundried tomatoes



pimiento rojo

parsley and/or cilantro

the aubergine goes into a casserole, add 1 cup of water and keep an eye on it, you’ll have to refill a few times!! don’t let it get dry.

The original version uses olive oil, but as we know it is not good to heat up oilve oil, we spread it over the eggplant at the end to save the olive flavor AND the benefit of this mediterranean gold! bake i on low heat, at about 100°-120°, pinch it with a fork and keep checking, you want the plant completely soft, the peel shall come off easily. Once it is ready put it out of the oven and let it cool down.

Start slicing the tomatoes, press garlic, chopp herbs and the stones out of the olives. Cut the eggplant into pieces and mix all together, be carefull not to smash up everything. Season as you like and now serve on toasted bread.



*meditation in motion*


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