So give Beets a change – Bliss Balls

Beetroots, for me, are playing in the same league as avocados and bananas – perfect by nature and actuall not in need for any further processing before being eaten. I love my beets fine grated, that’s it, maybe a drop of extra vergine olive oil and a bit of gomasio…

I realize though when I start talking about my love for beetroots to friends and interested listeners they start to shake heads or make funny faces. Many people are scared of beetroots

"Almost too good 2 be true" Bliss Balls with Beetroot
“Almost too good 2 be true” Bliss Balls with Beetroot

….childhood memories – is what the common excuse, which I understand. When cooked they loose their crunch and their fresh juice, beets are naturally sweet but mostly eaten on the side of maindishes, weird comination…

So raw beets for salad! YES!



Here comes the recipe for my favorite brand new, refreshing summer dessert:

(can also be eaten in winter btw because beetroots have a certain warming quality on an more subtile than the physical level, give it a try!)


What you need:

2 small raw beetroots

8 dates

thumbnail sice ginger junk

handfull soaked nuts

1 tablespoon coconut oil

raw cacao



peel and grate beets and ginger. Add half of them with 5 dates to your blender and blend until smooth. Chop the sustaining dates and the nuts and add to the mass, poor coco oil on top and mix everything with your hands. Let the mass take a good rest in the fridge before you start to roll balls. If the mass turns out too sticky add shredded coconut and let it rest again. Once you roll the balls covert hem with raw cacao to underline the natural beet sweetness with some cacaoy bitterness – they make a beautiful couple, trust me 😉 and your bliss balls won’t stick together this way.





3 Replies to “So give Beets a change – Bliss Balls”

  1. Hat dies auf pranakitchen rebloggt und kommentierte:
    Back2Basic Beetrootcake. Beets again?? yes!! can’t get enough of them…and they are soooo good for us! This time with a little crunchy cacao upgrade! This time I gave the mass the shape of a cake, instead of forming little balls, before putting it in the fridge I mixed 3 teaspoons of raw cacao with 3 tsp of coconut oil, stired this well till completely smooth and then I poored it over the cake. Coconutoil gets hard really fast when set on the fridge, you might want to give it a second layer to make the cake fancier or decorate with shredded coconut as I did on the picture.

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