The ONE and ONLY REAL banana ice-cream

Do you like banana ice-cream? No? Please give this one here a chance. Me myself had not the best opinion about banana ice-cream, I thought if i want banana taste in my mouth I’d go for a complete fruit. Until I tasted what the following recipe can turn our yellow, ripe friends in. WOW. The best banana ice-cream I ever had, and that’s also what my friends said.

And this is also one more example of how perfect nature actually works to keep us happy and healthy 🙂


What you need is:

– Bananas

ha, that’s it, nothing else needed, can you believe it, no eggs, no dairy. All you do is peel the bananas and freeze them. Once they are frozen put them in your Thermomix and blend until smooth.

Now taste this. And don’t forget to lick the jar! This is so good and you will want to make sure you get out every little bit.

This is optional:

2 tablespoons Coconutoil ( if it is solid melt it in warm water)

add raw cacao

and stir

pour the cacao sauce over your ice-cream, it will get crunchy immediately, sprinkle nuts or grated coconut on top and serve.

What a summer dessert, mmmmmmhhhhh

it tastes even better if you share with friends, and make sure at the end your cup look like this:


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