RAW FOOD workshop

I remember chats between my mother and her friends, exchanging and discussing about cake recipes, which one would be the juicest was the question in the late 80ies. They started to add carotts, zucchini, experimented with substitutes for regular butter.Must confess, at that time form e all was just cake and I like them all unconditionally. Now I’m wondering why didn’t they just ditch all the flour and the baking process and served their sunday afternoon treats RAW?? Well, this was 20 years ago, and all we knew about raw food back than, was to dip carrots and celery into garlic yoghurt. Nothing wrong with veggie sticks, they are great, but there is so much more to do with whatever grows on mother earth and is ready and willing to nourish us. This is why i recently attended a RAW FOOD class, which was held during the Barcelona Yoga Conference. Our hosts, Javier, Espiritual Chef and Daphne from Troo Food Liberation, were sharing their personal stories, why and how they found raw food; they were talking about countless benefits and potentials to release, in seeds, fruits,….and ourselves! Just by being more aware in what we put in us. So we are not just what we eat, as I believed, we are what we think! Since „cooking“ starts at the (organic-) store.


Raw Food teaches us to think in advance, teaches us patience by growing food and sprouting seeds. Can’t wait to learn more about that, Javier!


( above you see: raw wraps stuffed with magical humus, tomate, rocket and olives OMG)

These great kitchen souls also took the  fear off us that raw food might be really complicated to prepare. It is actually so much easier than regular cooking, since a lot less dishes are needed to prepare the goodness. A blender, for smooties and soups, a food processor for pates and my personal favorite raw kitchen helper, a peeler to make „pasta“. That’s it! Well, a plate to serve ;).Dishes need no scrubbing or soaking, nor soap to clean(!), all is fresh , nothing will get burned or greasy…imagine, easy to clean dishes means easy to clean organism.


This saturday I will be doing a RAW FOOD degustation in Caldetas, starting at 10am. Meet me to try some raw magic life food at the organic store next to the Sorli Discau supermarket at the main road. Many thanks to Gabriel for sharing pictures and smiles*



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