A scoopable fundament

I was too late for breakfast (granola) and too early for lunch (green juice) when I came back home after my morning sadhana, very hungry though and so I had to make up my mind, what would fill my stomach now…..I opened the fridge and saw greens all over the place. Smoothie, OK.

I blended spinach with a small banana, a slice of avocado, a hand full of peppermint leaves and water. The taste turned out pretty neutral and suave, texture was light and creamy. I poured this grass green juice into a scarlett red bowl and for a moment just looked at it. This was on of the yummiest looking plates of food I ever had 🙂 I was amazed by it simple, natural beauty, and it derserved a little tiny decoration – i sprinkled some granola onto my soup and started to enjoy with a big smile on my face!


Did you know that red, green and yellow guaranty happiness? Certainly they do, proved by me! These colors are pure and natural; all we need and somehow reminding us of being outdoors doing things we love.

You might ask yourself now “where’s the yellow in this picture?” I’m telling you: yellow sunlight is contained in the green soup, it’s full of power, fibers, vitamins and enzymes – so good for you**




Velvet Beet Cake – VEGAN


Many think eggs are indispensable in the kitchen and that eggless baking constitutes some sort of kitchen disaster, let’s take a step away from this

The truth is that many recipes can skip eggs and turn out as good, well actually, better, if the eggs are replaced. Flavours like chocolate and vanilla are more intense in cakes baked without eggs, have a try!!!

To replace eggs in a recipe, all you need is an equal amount by weight of a moist ingredient like chia gel, applesauce or another fruit puree.

These cup cakes turned out airy, soft, so moist and rich by the fact that I used also beetroot juice, to replace a certain amount of sugar. I couldn’t  have been happier with them and no one noticed the absence of butter, eggs or a ton of sugar.  You won’t either….

Here is what you need:

2 cups of spelt flour

100gr brown sugar

1 tablespoon baking soda

150ml nut milk or rice milk

100ml oil

200gr unsweetened chocolate chips

3/4 cup beetroot water. ( I boiled my cleaned beets to have them later as a side dish, and used their water to sweeten and colour the dough, it’s colour gets even more red when you add grated roots, which will give the cake a even more moist texture)

Preheat oven to 170°

Mix all dry ingredients in a large bowl. Than add the liquid ones and stir well.

Put the dough into a baking form and bake for about 50-60 minutes, please keep checking!

Remove from the oven and let it cool down a bit. Tastes best when still slightly warm (and accompanied by a cup of coffee)

Have a nice sunday.


RAW food delivery in Barcelona


Did your lunch make you sweat today? Yes? Might mean your food is too heavy, what did you have today, think about….I just checked the weather forecast for next week, it’s getting even hotter. How I love summer 🙂

Let me get to the point, light, fresh, raw food will make you feel so much better during these days, now is the time for RAW FOOD and your chance to hop on this train of conscious nutrition and radiant wellbeing.

This tuesday I will be delivering in the Barcelona area (including Caldetas).

Call me if you want to benefit of this unique opportunity – 603 429 318, Martina

And this is the stunning menu:

RAW svadhisthana burritos stuffed with a grounding paté of chickpeas and pumkin, crunchy ruccola and spanish olives. (3 pieces will make your tummy happy)


a “full on” green smoothie, 250ml

all this for only 8 Euros



green sunLIGHT gazpacho

It happens that a green juice turns out being a bit too smooth, in this case you can either add (coconut-) water or scoop it like a cold green soup. Just spice it it up with freshly grated pepper, seasalt and red piment, add a drop of olive oil or, if you have pumkinseedoil.

A seriously refreshing, healthy and light summer lunch, and the particular green soup I had the other day was made of:


Rocket salad


1/4  avocado

lechuga de mar ( an algae, worth trying because of countless benefits, click here to read more)




pimiento rojo



anyway it is a good idea to add oil once in a while, since our bodies need for some vitamins fat to process.

Crunchy Granola B.fast Fest

I always have my muesli soaked or cooked until soft, to me it seems way easier to digest than eating it raw. Sometimes it happens that I miss a little chrunch in my breakfast bowl and this is when the crunchy granola jumps on the screen. here comes on of countless delicious versions.


what you need:

200g oats

handfull soaked nuts, pumkinseeds, sunflowerseeds…..

halfcup shredded coconut

handfull raisins

8 dried apricots

hanfull goji berries

3-4 tbsp coconut oil

3-4 tbsp honey or agave sirup

put the oats, the seeds/nuts and coconut into a large bowl and mix with coconut oil and honey, spread on a tray and put it into the preheated oven, bake at about 170° for 20min or until golden brown, don’t forget to stir at half time!

At the end add all the dried fruits, let the granola cool down and store in an airtight container, on a dark dry spot.



Valengized Aubergine Caviar

thanks Val *


It was a hot, mediterranean summer night, as we came back from the Barcelona Yoga Conference late, our dinner had to be ready quickly, pure and nourishing.

What we found in the fridge was a baked eggplant, which turned into the leading ingredient of our tasty after practice treat.

What else? Keep reading 😉

1 medium size eggplant

toasted bread slices (ideally your homemade spelt bread with sundried tomatoes, to underline the med. style)

1 piece of garlic

olive oil

soaked sundried tomatoes



pimiento rojo

parsley and/or cilantro

the aubergine goes into a casserole, add 1 cup of water and keep an eye on it, you’ll have to refill a few times!! don’t let it get dry.

The original version uses olive oil, but as we know it is not good to heat up oilve oil, we spread it over the eggplant at the end to save the olive flavor AND the benefit of this mediterranean gold! bake i on low heat, at about 100°-120°, pinch it with a fork and keep checking, you want the plant completely soft, the peel shall come off easily. Once it is ready put it out of the oven and let it cool down.

Start slicing the tomatoes, press garlic, chopp herbs and the stones out of the olives. Cut the eggplant into pieces and mix all together, be carefull not to smash up everything. Season as you like and now serve on toasted bread.



*meditation in motion*

Bolitas de Alegria :)

para Veronica 😉

"Almost too good 2 be true" Bliss Balls with Beetroot
“Almost too good 2 be true” Bliss Balls with Beetroot

Las remolachas, para mí, juegan en la misma liga que aguacates y plátanos – perfecto en la naturaleza y no en la necesidad de algún otro procesamiento antes de comerse. Amo mis remolachas finas ralló, y esta, tal vez con una gota de aceite de oliva extra vergine y un poco de gomasio…
Realizo aunque cuando comienzo a hablar de mi preferencia de remolacha a amigos y a interesados que comienzan a afectar a cabezas o hacer caras graciosas. Muchas personas se asustan de la remolacha…. las memorias de la infancia – es la excusa común, que entiendo. Cuando cocinado sueltan su crujido y su zumo fresco, las remolachas son naturalmente dulces, pero generalmente comidas al lado de platos principales, combination extraño…
¡Tan remolachas crudas para ensalada! ¡SÍ!

Aquí viene la receta para mi postre de verano favorito, más recientemente, refrescante:
(¡también se puede comer en invierno!! porque las remolachas tienen cierta calidad de recalentamiento en más sutil que el nivel físico, le dan un intento! )

Lo que necesita:
2 pequeñas remolachas crudas
8 datiles
un trocito de jenigbre
un puño nuezes remojados
1 cucharón aceite de coco
cacao crudo

pele y ralle remolachas y jengibre. Añada a la mitad de ellos con 5 fechas a su mezclador y mezcla hasta liso. Corte las fechas de sostenimiento y las nueces y añada al petróleo del coco de masas, pobre encima y mezcle todo con sus manos. Deje a la masa tomar un resto bueno en la nevera antes de que comience a hacer rodar pelotas. Si la masa resulta demasiado pegajosa le añade el coco triturado y dejó descansar otra vez. Una vez que hace rodar las pelotas dobladillo encubierto con el cacao crudo para subrayar el dulzor de la remolacha natural con un poco de amargura cacaoy – hacen a una pareja hermosa, confían en mí 😉 y sus pelotas de la felicidad no se mantendrán unidas este camino.