Pesto Rojo

Must confess…..I’m a pesto lover 🙂

so here comes my recipe of a low fat version of PESTO ROJO, pestos are usually made with a lot of olive oil and nuts, to keep it moist and blendable i used a big junk of red pepper instead of 100ml oil. So good!!! and fresh, mmmhhh

It tastes best with potatoes or raw vegetables, try it also on hot spelt pasta with fresh coriander sprinkled on top!!


what you need:

a handfull of sundried tomatoes ( I personally prefer the dry dried one, they are sometimes only available in glasses and soaked in olive oil, which also works, of course, in this case add even less oil and use the oil from the glass to prepare your pesto.

half red pepper

sea salt


handfull of fresh chopped coriander

handfull of nuts or pine seeds

oilve oil

mix all ingredients and that’s it! couldn’t be much easier….wow. and now let it rest of a few minutes, sit down and enjoy your homemade pesto with friends*

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