what you need (for 2):

600g zucchini and carrotes
150g champignons
60g leek
10 tablespoons olive oil
10 tbs water
grated nuts
salt, pepper
start with the sauce:
dry clean the mushrooms. Then cut them into 2mm slices. Add the chopped leek and the dressing of olive oil, water, salt, pepper and half of the chopped parsley. Use your hands to mix the sauce and let it rest for at least 10 minutes.
Blend half of  the mushrooms and mix this sauce again with the mushroom slices.
how to do the „pasta“:
to slice the veggies as fine and long as linguini, I use a regular peeler. Slice the zucchini and carrotts from the outside to their heart, you will notice the inside of the zucchini is too soft to be sliced, so when you get to that point put it to the side, same with the carrot, at a certain point it gets difficult to keep sliceing, so put also the carrot to the side.
( you could add the zucchini hearts to a green smoothie and chopp the carrot hearts into little cubes to be used in a different salad or a milletburger – recipe coming up!)
right before serving mix the sauce with the pasta, again, use your hands to mix and to put your energy in! Sprinkle parsley and grated nuts on top to make it look even better. yay!



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