Guest Blogger: Afro Vegan Chick – Raw Crustless Beet & Avocado “Cheesecake”

Welcome back Janyce from Afro Vegan Chick! Janyce has contributed multiple times: Acorn Squash Stuffed With Maple Brown Rice And Green PeasWarm Brussel Sprouts Spinach Chickpea. Follow Janyce on Facebookblog and Twitter. Welcome back Janyce!

My first successful raw “cheesecake” was worth the hours of preparation.

I have been working on raw “cheesecake” for a while now and kept using Trader Joe’s Roasted Cashews. But after hours of soaking, they never quite captured smooth, desired consistency. Alas, I found their Raw Cashews and voila- achieved creaminess!

Yes, it takes me a moment to catch on, but I got it!

Beets and avocados seemed natural choice- all unorthodox and unique a pairing.

The cake originally did have a crust. It just didn’t hold together properly.

There’s no need to mourn loss. This yummy “cheesecake” definitely tastes wonderful- the avocado lime a perfect bottom of firmer…

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