Somer’s Oil-Free Banana Muffins

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the dirty hippie & the bohemian girl

There are always a few leftover bananas around here. Those few that somehow don’t make it – you know what I mean. Well, Somer, our friend at Vedged Out knows just what to do with them. Her recipe for oil-free banana muffins is fast, simple and ridiculously good!

She developed the recipe to make her children a healthy after-school snack, and it turned into a family favorite. They don’t need oil because three bananas  keep the batter moist as it bakes. For us, we love to make mini-loaves of banana-muffin and travel with it. These are super on road trips, for breakfast or an any-time snack. On Vedged Out, Somer suggests different add-in’s to jazz up the muffins (though they’re wonderful as-is, too!). We’ve tried goji berries, chocolate chips and dried blueberries. The photo below shows goji berries.

Somer was kind enough to allow us to re-post her recipe

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